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14869. Anonymous ( – 10 May 01:26:53 "April" 2024 ]
Great paper(s) as always! No apparent kerning issue on chrome or android.
14868. Anonymous ( – 06 May 07:31:05 "April" 2024 ]
So you are telling me I read through that whole paper with kerning from hell and it was just a display bug???
14867. Anonymous ( – 04 May 09:58:39 "April" 2024 ]
Firefox uses pdf.js to render PDFs under the hood, I checked its latest version but didn't see any warnings/errors despite the garbled kerning. I spent about half an hour trying to figure out what's going on but unfortunately found nothing. I suggest you generate a test PDF and create an issue at There's plenty of people who actually understand how PDF rendering works (unlike me).
14866. Tom 7 ( – 03 May 09:44:54 "April" 2024 ]
And recordings: Supposedly someone did record the event, but I don't have the video (yet). The director's cut for this project will be the YouTube video, although I'm not opposed to completionists watching the live recording!
14865. Tom 7 ( – 03 May 09:42:17 THPS Rules! ]
jonas: Thanks for the bug reports :) I think all the cases of extra spaces are a known problem where certain constructs (often it's a comment) result in adjacent text nodes that don't get fused. It's surprisingly hard to fix well, since the right fix would be to finish the somewhat delicate hand-written bytecode that concatenates layout nodes. I just ran out of time to get that done before the deadline, although since the deadline I've rewritten that part of the compiler so that it's not as bad to hand-write bytecode, so I plan to fix this one soon. The spaces burn my eyes too!

Regarding the ones where space seems too narrow, sometimes this is apparently the actual metrics for Palatino italics when mixed with roman (but I agree it looks bad and should be tweaked). Other times it is a consequence of hacks (in the paper's code) to work around the problem (with the language implementation) described above. Most should be fixable. Of course I absolutely deserve to be taken to task on these things.

Fixed the typo! It's a miracle if that's the only one, since I didn't have any spell checking support!

Colorful graph: Yeah, this is described imprecisely. 00 actually means 1 thread, and 01 means 2 threads, and so on. I just looked and the data are correct, but I didn't do the +1 when generating the image. It's fixed in case I regenerate that.

Others: Thank you for your enthusiasm! There is a video coming. I have essentially all the content now and I am still alive.
14864. Tom 7 ( – 03 May 09:25:30 "April" 2024 ]
I generated the PDFs myself so there's possible I made a mistake, or possible that Firefox just doesn't support something I'm doing. :( I should try to fix this since I actually may use BoVeX for future papers. If anybody has any ideas (even like, an error message) I'm definitely interested!

Concentrating on the video for now though!
14863. Tim McCormack ( – 02 May 22:49:26 "April" 2024 ]
Yeah, at first I thought the aggressively bad kerning was part of the joke, but the example monospaced paragraphs are *really* messed up in both Firefox and also in whatever my default PDF viewer is in Debian.

I took a look at the SIGBOVIK PDF and it looks *way* better. (Page 131 intra-diegetic/135 extra-diegetic for others who want to read it there.)
14862. Anonymous ( – 02 May 11:29:39 "April" 2024 ]
What is this? A crossover episode?

It's great seeing y'all get together! Thanks for sharing!
14861. DigiNova ( – 02 May 05:57:22 "April" 2024 ]
noone can be a better speaker/candidate/chief guest of a "comedy" show titled "An Evening of Unnecessary Detail" orz
big fan of all three in ascending order of respect++ from left to right in the image
14860. Anonymous ( – 01 May 22:51:40 "April" 2024 ]
I'm not sure why, but Firefox on macOS absolutely chokes on the Badness 0 PDFs (both versions); the kerning is all over the place.
14859. SIGSTKFLT ( – 01 May 11:03:14 "April" 2024 ]
I thought you would have learned my name by now, Gboard! DX
14858. SOGSTKFLT ( – 01 May 11:02:18 "April" 2024 ]
Is there any recording of your An Evening Of Unnecessary Detail talk perchance?
14857. Anonymous ( – 01 May 09:51:54 "April" 2024 ]
Looking forward to the video! Typography, compilers, maybe even a little bit of chess sneaking in, all sprinkled with your dry humor and beautiful hand-drawn artwork. What can be better? I hope the video gets at least as long as last year's one.
14856. Reziac ( – 25 Apr 10:32:58 Do we do Dewey or Rehoboth or both? ]
Long-term effects of Covid are mostly due to thyroid damage (this is known from a rather extensive tissue study, but hasn't trickled down to general medicine). If you're having such issues, it's wise to run a full thyroid panel (not just the mostly-worthless TSH test; need to check freeT3 levels, and the several thyroid antibodies).
14855. A.A. ( – 17 Apr 14:36:04 THPS Rules! ]
looking forward to the video. Actually checked your "channel" to see if I had somehow missed the notification.
14854. Eli Z. ( – 12 Apr 14:54:47 THPS Rules! ]
@Anonymous The original metroid guide is in the papers' bibliography,
14853. jonas ( – 08 Apr 21:24:33 THPS Rules! ]
The papers for Badness 0 are so much better than the presentation suggested! Had I known, I'd just have skipped the presentation entirely. That said, here are a few comments.

In page 132 and 146, in “since mathematics does not obey the rules of project management”, the space after “mathematics” seems to be wider then the other spaces in the same line. I wonder why this is.

In the colorful chart on page 134 and 149, given that the x axis is the number of CPU threads used, what does the column labeled “00” mean? I don't care what the colors and numbers in the chart even mean, but this part somehow bothers me.

Still on page 134, in the description of that same chart that I just said seems to contradict the chart, where it says “The x axis of the graph is the number of CPU threads”, the space after “x” is too narrow.

In page 138 and 139, in text “The tt function” and “value "FixederSysLight" to the layout” and “FixederSys family.[25] Functions like b and it apply”, all of which are in lines where the spaces are spread wider than normal, the space after text typeset in FixederSys seems to be too narrow. (The space after the footnote mark also appears to be too narrow.)

In page 141 and 157, in “But it can certainly be more satsifying.”, the last word is either a typo or some pun that I don't understand.

On the same pages, re the achievement system in BoVeX, I'd like to remind you that you still haven't awarded yourself an Xbox style achievement box for completing Pac Tom level II in expert mode. I find this more jarring now that I know you still care about giving achievements.

Pages 142 and 158, re “challenge your paper's reviewers to a game of chess against a strong engine embedded within your document”. A suitable starting point for such a thing would be Óscar Toledo's nanochess from . One of its versions runs on a 6502 CPU, which is great for this project because you can say that it's a trivial task to just get any of the thousand 6502 emulator implementations from the internet and wrap it as a BoVeX runtime primitive, but then actually spend weeks perfecting the details of a 6502 emulator that you implement on your own from scratch. I should have mentioned this back in 2019 when you wrote Elo World, but I didn't really understand your request for “easy to describe algorithms for playing chess” until you published the paper, and then it was too late.
14852. Anonymous ( – 08 Apr 18:45:53 THPS Rules! ]
I want to see the original metroid guide!
14851. jonas ( – 08 Apr 18:39:38 THPS Rules! ]
The proceedings volume of SIGBOVIK 2024 is now avaliable at . This includes Tom7's articles and much more. Have fun reading, everyone.
14850. jonas ( – 05 Apr 19:19:03 THPS Rules! ]
Video recording of Tom7's SIGBOVIK presentation about his new typography system is at
14849. Anonymous ( – 05 Apr 01:38:11 THPS Rules! ]
I've been stalking you on SourceForge for a while (but tried my best not to spoil the fun), and I think it'll be quite challenging to turn your work into video this time. Please don't feel discouraged by the amount of editing work this might require! Of course I have no rights to represent your fans, but I'd still like to say that we'll fully support you, at least emotionally. Take your time, don't let this burn you out, we'll wait. At the end of the day, I really want this to become a video, and your videos are by far the best videos I ever watched on YouTube.
14848. Sean ( – 02 Apr 00:28:51 THPS Rules! ]
You know in the original ReLU paper they were more than hinting that ReLU was a switch. But everyone latched onto the function viewpoint.
That was the wrong thing to do. ReLU either conducts 1 to 1 or outputs zero. Therefore it is a switch, with switching decision (x>=0)?
Then weighted sums are being connected to and disconnected from each other. And those connected weighted sums can be simplified by linear algebra at each stage. You can gain a very clear insight into how ReLU neural networks operate.
You can look up switchnet, or WHTeBooklet or a frozen neural network on Or somewhere in this booklet I talk about it:
14847. Qaziquza ( – 01 Apr 17:10:30 THPS Rules! ]
Can't wait to see what you've done this time for SIGBOVIK!
14846. Tom 7 ( – 30 Mar 17:53:40 Leap day! ]
Jr: Drat! I have been thinking I need to do another ldjam, too, but the overlap would be even more prohibitive for me :(

Anon: Why not? I've got good taste!

Salt: That's how I felt too.

Good day, mysterious pi ninja!
14845. Anonymous ( – 14 Mar 18:49:00 Leap day! ]
Happy pi day tom7. From your sidewalk chalking partner.

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