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13520. Tristan ( – 19 Apr 15:16:07 SIGBOVIK 2018 ]
I have very pressing news regarding your Academic Advancement Advice: Author Articles as A.A paper. I don't want to shock you, but I'm afraid to say that you've submitted a paper into a prestigious academic conference without proper copyediting. I've found a typo in section 3: The Data, paragraph 1, sentence 5. You've seemed to invented a new type of byte, called "nul-byte". Now I would never accuse you of missing such a grave mistake, this was probably the fault of the copyediting agency you hired to look over this paper before publication. Here I will provide some other, highly reputable agencies that would never make such a mistake. I hope you find their services useful in the future.
The Proofreaders
Laurel Copyediting

Best of luck,
13519. RadAcoustics ( – 17 Apr 07:26:07 Quake 3 Done! ]
Tom I refuse to let this thread die. 4 yrs since my last post and it's still here there was a reason I called this the eternal thread. The old school posting look its like a magic nostalgia trip. So after 16yrs do we have the record, if not i'll post again until we do.
13518. Anonymous ( – 05 Apr 20:47:21 SIGBOVIK 2018 ]
Do you have the date for PoCSci?
13517. Anonymous ( – 02 Apr 22:22:27 ARST ARSW ]
> I'd find a phrase in the audio, then type "if this is a consular ship where
is the ambassador" and it'd just split up that loop into 10 mini-loops of the
same length, one for each word.

Tom, why didn't you use a subtitle file to skip this step? It would contain literally the entire *timed* movie dialogue (in an easily parse-able format).
13516. Scott / Graue ( – 01 Apr 22:43:54 SIGBOVIK 2018 ]
I've really Folin in love with your writing.

I looked for the Grid grid grid grid grid... paper and only found this - maybe it's a data issue? “Leigland, James; Russell, Henry. 2009. New Needs for Technical Assistance : Responding to the Effects of the Financial Crisis on Private Participation in Infrastructure. Gridlines; No. 49. World Bank, Washington, DC.”
13515. Tom ( – 31 Mar 19:00:48 UPD: Embed / DMCA threats ]
I never responded to their final mail, and they seem to have abandoned the complaint.
13514. calendar ( – 31 Mar 16:53:59 Old man complains about discomfort ]
You have less than four simultaneous 24-hour rotations of Earth until the next post. Good luck finding the Easter eggs.
13513. Anonymous ( – 27 Mar 04:59:12 UPD: Embed / DMCA threats ]
So what was your reply to their pointless final email or did you just forget about them after that?
13512. Anonymous ( – 25 Mar 18:39:31 BAD SAT SCORES ]
I scored 1100 on the new SAT. I think I have nice GPA. Do I have a chance of getting to NYU?
13511. zGeneral ( – 17 Mar 18:06:19 The adventures of learnfun and playfun, part 2 ]
Hey Tom
I am having a blast with your AI program.
currently running Gradius as it is my favorite childhood game.
I will post the results here when done.
13510. Tom 7 ( – 14 Mar 22:39:28 The adventures of learnfun and playfun, part 2 ]
I haven't modified that version since release. I recommend setting the priority of the helpers to the lowest class; I didn't have any problem playing games or whatever foreground apps when I was running it for days on end to make those videos.

There's a new version in development now which is easier to use, but saving is still a difficult feature to support, so it's unlikely, sorry!
13509. ana ( – 04 Mar 21:40:58 The adventures of learnfun and playfun, part 2 ]
is there still no save feature at all? i want to have playfun learn mega man, but i don't quite appreciate it eating up my cpu 24/7 and i can't just have it running in the background bc it makes most programs lag
13508. Anonymous ( – 13 Feb 23:41:29 SIGBOVIK 2017: ABC ]
I just found this video. This is easily the best explanation of *multiple* subjects I've ever seen.
13507. Anonymous ( – 05 Feb 17:07:42 ARST ARSW ]
13506. Tom 7 ( – 31 Jan 23:25:43 The adventures of learnfun and playfun, part 2 ]
Anon1: I've tried this, but so far without any real success. GPUs don't seem well suited to executing NES instructions, unfortunately. I have some more ideas in the queue that I hope to get back to, though.

Oaklr: Are you running helpers first? It's saying it can't connect to one on port 8000. Some other comments on this page may show you what you need to do, but I also tried to write it clearly in the readme...
13505. Tom 7 ( – 31 Jan 23:15:34 Anagraphs and Generalized Kerning ]
Thanks Nate! There is no one secret, but I will say:
- Write down all your ideas, even the bad ones.
- Always use your best idea; don't hoard them.
- Every project has awful slogs in it and your body and brain tell you to just give up. Not giving up in those moments is what I think it feels like to "be creative," so you just have to be willing to suffer that stuff.

It seems you can use the editor straight from the source repository:
Begin by hitting backtick to switch modes, but you probably need to view the source code (editor.js) to make any sense of the UI. Unfortunately you won't be able to save without downloading the helper app and compiling it (and good luck; it's Standard ML), so it won't be that usable except just to mess around. But obviously feel free...
13504. calendar ( – 31 Jan 16:26:47 Anagraphs and Generalized Kerning ]
You still have a few hours to post.
13503. Oaklr ( – 18 Jan 19:31:33 The adventures of learnfun and playfun, part 2 ]
Hey tom i had an error with playfun it reads
SDLNet_TCP_Open( Couldn't connect to remote host
13502. Nate ( – 15 Jan 22:26:55 Anagraphs and Generalized Kerning ]
Tom I absolutely LOVE your videos and your work, you are extremely talented! How do you remain so creative and motivated? Do your ideas just come to you or do you have some kind of brainstorming work flow I could steal?
(Side note: Would you consider releasing the font editor you made? I would love to play around with it if you did.)
13501. Tom 7 ( – 06 Jan 10:55:06 Anagraphs and Generalized Kerning ]
Shantanu: Well, it just allows anyone to comment without making an account, so the IP addresses are to provide some form of accountability. For example I use them to ban spammers. :) This was very common practice when I wrote this blog software (e.g. on IRC you could always see the IP address where each person was connecting from); I hadn't really thought about the fact that this is not common any more. Normally it shows the reverse DNS, but I guess my reverse DNS server was not functioning.

jonas: Precision nitpicks are certainly welcome! I think this is a gap in the "proof" (and a good example of the kind of thing you have to account for when you REALLY formalize something). It seems like you could easily handle this by adding rules like "{0 <=> {" and "0} <=> }", which would then allow the deletion of any extraneous zeroes, which yields a single normalized representation of any Turing machine state with no leading or trailing zeroes (treating the cursor's location as also nonzero). I avoided using rules like this because they add ambiguity to what rules apply at any given moment, which makes other reasoning harder (you need to think about equivalence classes of states, I guess).
13500. jonas ( – 02 Jan 05:26:40 Anagraphs and Generalized Kerning ]
Nitpicking time! I'll complain about a technical detail that you could just leave an exercise for the reader in an ordinary article, but since this is an introductory kind of video that pretends to be very precise, I get to do this.

Your definition of the halting problem asks if the tape ever gets into a specific state. The tape is potentially infinite, padded with zeros. Your reduction of the halting problem to the kerning problem makes sure the tape is expanded with zeros when necessary, but it never shrinks the tape. How do you then reduce checking for a specific state of the tape to checking for a specific destination word in the kerning problem, when the latter word could be padded with an unknown an unbounded number of zeros?
13499. Shantanu ( – 31 Dec 2017 04:54:56 Anagraphs and Generalized Kerning ]
That's quite a lot.

Also, why do the comments record IP addresses?
13498. Tom 7 ( – 29 Dec 2017 16:33:54 Anagraphs and Generalized Kerning ]
Thanks folks! I'm glad that the lecture video seems to have found an audience. :)

I don't actually take my watch on every run, especially when I'm doing an indoor treadmill where it's hard to measure the actual "mileage." So I don't really know. But it's at least 708 miles, since that's the total that I did record during the period. Not bad; that's at least 30 miles a week.
13497. Tristan ( – 29 Dec 2017 02:04:18 Anagraphs and Generalized Kerning ]
Hey Tom, loved both new videos. I really enjoyed your lecture and would love to see more Tom Academy videos in the future, especially ones about logic as I find it fascinating. Keep up the great work as always and congrats on the 159 day running streak, that's great!
13496. Shantanu ( – 25 Dec 2017 04:53:02 Anagraphs and Generalized Kerning ]
So with 159 days, how much have you run so far?

(Turing machine lecture runs like an MITCourseWare video by the way)

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