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13943. Tom 7 ( – 01 Aug 13:38:09 C\shamrock{}OVID-22 ]
Anon: We fixed! Thanks for telling me :)
13942. Anthony Thomas ( – 01 Aug 11:43:58 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
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13941. Loretta ( – 31 Jul 22:22:21 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
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13940. Tom 7 ( – 31 Jul 21:27:42 C\shamrock{}OVID-22 ]
No (and that sounds like a frustrating Catch-22) ... it seemed like most everyone had given up on any kinds of restrictions, and so it was just up to us to try to do the right thing!
13928. jonas ( – 06 Jul 04:48:05 C\shamrock{}OVID-22 ]
> we got infected with COVID […] that created many logistical problems and costs

Is Ireland the kind where the politicians protect people by making such rules that if you are infected, you are neither allowed to reside in your hotel room (they can't allow you to infect other guests), nor board a train or bus or airplane to leave (they can't allow you to infect other passengers), nor go to a hospital (you're not sick enough to require constant hospital care and their beds are full with more serious patient), nor get transported away from a hospital in an ambulance (they don't transport COVID patients, the risk of infection to ambulance workers is too large)?

13926. Anonymous ( – 03 Jul 05:16:39 C\shamrock{}OVID-22 ]
OT: ugif is down! :。。(
13924. Anonymous Reader ( – 19 Jun 19:03:59 SPIN article ]
I read it!
13921. Anonymous ( – 05 Jun 05:01:39 Pittsburgh Marathon 2022 ]
Congratulations on the near PB!
13920. Ceri Morgan ( – 03 Jun 21:24:07 Pittsburgh Marathon 2022 ]
Last chance for race photos. I LOL'd at this and my wife was temporarily mad at me because she thought I was laughing at her for dropping something in the kitchen.
13919. Anonymous ( – 02 Jun 14:42:39 Pittsburgh Marathon 2022 ]
Going south to get to Canada will always be funny to me. Congrats on a near-PB!
13917. Anonymous ( – 28 May 04:53:54 An art show ]
13916. Anonymous ( – 25 May 17:19:40 Pi day... awesome! ]
13914. Alexis ( – 17 May 15:34:31 HINEY 2@22 ]
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it so we can play against your bots!
13912. Alexis ( – 12 May 18:22:33 HINEY 2@22 ]
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it so we can play against your bots!
13911. Nels ( – 08 May 21:34:38 SIGBOVIK 2022: Harder Drive ]
Huh, wonder if you could use tracert instead of ping, and let those routers hold on to your data instead. (Note: I do not remember if tracert includes a payload. Maybe you could encode data in your return address.)

Excellent work as usual.
13909. hello ( – 07 May 14:53:09 This Week ]
13907. jonas ( – 02 May 14:04:58 SIGBOVIK 2022: Harder Drive ]
> hilariously malfunctioning auto-camera

The camera correctly panned to show the researcher who gave the presentation. It's just that some viewers on twitch were not interested in them, and instead wanted to see the projected slides. That's a malfunction in the camera. At most it's a bug in the streaming setup for not putting the slides directly on stream without a projector and canvas and camera interposed.
13906. Ecologic ( – 02 May 08:31:34 SIGBOVIK 2022: Harder Drive ]
Hello! I have come from tarzaned from hackaday -> youtube -> here. This is one of the most interesting things I have ever seen/read. Amazing job!
13905. Anonymous ( – 30 Apr 04:43:41 My 48-hour videogame 'Disco? Very!' for Ludum Dare #19 ]
flash player is gone and game wont work, sad.
13903. Anonymous ( – 25 Apr 14:33:57 The title of the post is 'February 2022' ]
The Cyberpunk bit reminds me of the XKCD about how every change breaks someone's workflow.
13902. LydianLights ( – 21 Apr 20:20:36 NEW: Tom 7 Entertainment System site ]
Hi tom! Your stuff is very cool, thanks for sharing it!
13901. Anonymous ( – 20 Apr 05:57:04 All fancied up! ]
can't find xss, might be one tho. be careful mr
13893. Anonymous ( – 19 Apr 01:15:28 All fancied up! ]
flawless drip
13892. Anonymous ( – 14 Apr 05:35:19 NEW: Tom 7 Radar ]
13891. Anonymous ( – 14 Apr 03:54:51 The March of progress ]
A blessed event

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