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13585. Tom 7 ( – 01 Jan 20:22:01 EOY 2018 ]
Given another two cups of coffee and a night to sleep on it, it turns out it was just NaN poisoning and now it's basically working. :)

J: Oh thanks! I have always wanted to enter IOCCC but for a long time it wasn't even running, and I guess I keep forgetting that it
Maybe that's enough time for me to put something together. Will think about it.

A: I did play DOOM 2016, it was good. I think the new Wolfenstein games were both very strong too, as well as Prey... that's basically the kind of thing I'm looking for. Titanfall looks like it might be up my alley; I think I probably missed it because it's not on Steam. Thanks for the rec!
13584. Adhesion ( – 01 Jan 16:46:43 EOY 2018 ]
"Seems like nobody even really makes single-player shooters any more" - not totally true thankfully! Guessing you already played it but DOOM 2016 was extraordinarily good, and it's getting a sequel. Titanfall 2 from a couple years ago was great too. Also I can't help but plug Earth Defense Force 5 (has multiplayer but it's just coop) which is just stupidly fun.
13583. jonas ( – 31 Dec 2018 18:30:01 EOY 2018 ]
Happy New Year! SIGBOVIK reminds me that a new IOCCC contest has started, the submission deadline is on 2019-03-15.
13582. calendar ( – 31 Dec 2018 14:19:10 Remember, remember ]
You have less than half a day to post a blog entry in the next month.
13581. Scott / Graue ( – 27 Dec 2018 02:18:40 Remember, remember ]
Today I bought as close a mason jar to yours as I could find (Bell, rather than Kerr, but same size), because I wanted better lentil storage and figured you know what's what. Happy new year!
13580. Tom 7 ( – 30 Nov 2018 23:59:58 GAP Trail / Mars Sightings ]
I would never forget!
(Just kidding I often forget)
13579. Tom 7 ( – 30 Nov 2018 23:22:19 SIGBOVIK 2017: ABC ]
For DOS actually. I think it will run on in versions of windows with a 16-bit subsystem, although probably not do anything that you'll notice. DOSBox is an option on both Linux and modern Windows, among other platforms.
13578. calendar ( – 30 Nov 2018 05:19:12 GAP Trail / Mars Sightings ]
You still have most of a day to post in November.
13577. ekisacik ( – 13 Nov 2018 03:14:57 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
Running this on MacOS High Sierra. Says it can't find any .esp files. Where should they be written/stored?
13576. Anonymous ( – 12 Nov 2018 11:33:40 SIGBOVIK 2017: ABC ]
Is this research paper for Windows or Linux?
13575. calendar ( – 31 Oct 2018 06:33:25 Blogchain for Dummies ]
You have less than a day to post a new entry, unless you hide behind the plausible deniability that the radar is giving an error message again.
13574. Tom 7 ( – 28 Oct 2018 17:21:55 Blogchain for Dummies ]
No, I'm having some trouble with the server but I have unable to figure it out yet. It seems like it could be a problem with the virtual host itself since it's manifesting as extremely slow disk reads. :(
13573. jonas ( – 28 Oct 2018 12:53:03 Blogchain for Dummies ]
Your radar is intermittently down for days, displaying an error message about "this directive" or some such. Are you trying to conserve energy?
13572. calendar ( – 29 Sep 2018 20:24:19 LD48 #42: Running out of Space ]
If you count in the New York City timezone, then you still have more than a day to post an entry in September.
13571. jonas ( – 16 Sep 2018 17:30:06 Measure twice, order twice ]
Apparently johannhowitzer says that the SNES puzzle game "Trodderls" is very well designed, and it looks like the sort of game you (Tom7) might like.
13570. Anonymous ( – 10 Sep 2018 17:26:07 UPD: midimml ]
Интересно, что же это такое
13569. matus ( – 06 Sep 2018 07:26:11 LD48 #42: Running out of Space ]
tom7 can you put a mushroom in my bathroom

13568. Tom 7 ( – 04 Sep 2018 18:58:59 LD48 #42: Running out of Space ]
Also: Yes, there is an extraneous item, but it was planned to be used the way you expected.

And the speedrun softlock is also something I knew about (I think there is even a comment in the code), but I discovered afterwards that it's actually not game-breaking, even though it looks like it is! You just need to be standing in the right spot.
13567. Tom 7 ( – 03 Sep 2018 16:53:49 LD48 #42: Running out of Space ]
Thanks for all the notes!

I haven't uploaded fixes for any of the bugs yet--I'll do this after the compo ends tomorrow. I think some of the changes you're seeing might just be finnicky behavior (for example, the captain says "Please make yourself at home" but I don't have any logic to position text so that it's right edge is on-screen, so depending on where you're standing, text can get cut off). I think many of the other bugs are due to the bad path planning--the alien gets stuck on the boundaries between zones. Still haven't figured that one out, but I should fix it. (For example, I watched some people play this and they were doing exactly the right thing, but the alien would get stuck, and then they thought that was their fault.)

Anyway, I apologize for the rough edges (many of these things I knew about and still regret) but it was a lot to cram into 48h! Thanks for playing and for suffering those. :)
13566. Anonymous ( – 30 Aug 2018 04:08:20 Bathroom? Mushroom! ]
wow i cannot belive how common this is when i looked down and saw 2 shroomies comming ouut of the floor ....i was like WTF!!!!... had to double check my eyes to make sure that i wasnt just already tripping on the little buggers lol!!
13565. jonas ( – 20 Aug 2018 15:46:57 LD48 #42: Running out of Space ]
I am completely wrong in point 3. I transcribed the version of the alien alphabet version of the second command word wrong to my paper sheet, despite that I knew that letter from an early word (rot13: ybbx), and then kept looking at my sheet and saw the typo I wanted to see after shachaf told me there'd be a typo. There's no typo in that word, it's the word it should be, you didn't make such an embarrassing mistake right in the menu that is always on the screen. I apologize.
13564. jonas ( – 20 Aug 2018 12:00:30 LD48 #42: Running out of Space ]
Addition to the above:

7. I missed one that I somehow didn't have in my notes: (rot13) "fperjqevire".
8. Bug is still there.
9. Bug is still there.
10. I can't quite reproduce the original behavior: (rot13) V pna fgvyy tb haqre gur punve naq ba gur evtug bs pncgnva Xvex, ohg vs V gel gb gnyx gb uvz be hfr jvgu uvz, gur nyvra abj gevrf gb tb yrsg naq trgf fghpx va n jnyxvat navzngvba fgnaqvat va cynpr ng gur punve hagvy lbh pyvpx gb tb fbzrjurer.
15. I found another bug: (rot13) vs V'z fgnaqvat ba gur evtug bs gur bcra vaare nveybpx qbbe naq nfx gb hfr gur gbby jvgu gur bhgre cbeg, gur nyvra trgf fghpx gelvat gb jnyx guebhtu gur gbc bs gur qbbe va n jnyxvat navzngvba hagvy V pyvpx gb tb fbzrjurer ryfr. Gur fnzr unccraf vs V gel gb teno gur aet jrncba juvyr fgnaqvat sne gb gur evtug bs vg, bayl gung gvzr gur nyvra nccneragyl trgf fghpx ba nve.
16. Another similar bug is that (rot13) vs lbh ner fgnaqvat ba gur gbc yrsg bs gur pncgnva'f punve naq gur pncgnva'f qrnq naq lbh gel gb bibcbfvg vagb uvf obql, fbzrgvzrf gur nyvra jnyxf gb gur pncgnva'f obql naq fnlf "V pna'g tb gurer :-(" fvzhygnarbhfyl. Ur qbrfa'g bibcbfvg gur rtt.
17. A completely different bug that I just noticed is that if you quickly get past the fire the intended way and then go to the left, the game gets into a state that seems to me like a softlock. Speedrunners will run into this one.
18. A minor bug is that the long description of the (rot13) obqvrf fhpxrq vagb bhgre fcnpr vf "fbzr nyvra grpuabybtl?".
19. (rot13) Bibcbfvgvat vagb gurz vf svaavpxl gbb, fbzrgvzrf gur tnzr whfg qbrfa'g ernyvmr jung V'z gelvat gb bibcbfvg vagb.
20. I see that on the other hand you fixed (rot13) Pncgnva Xvex'f ercyl, fb ur ab ybare inthryl gryyf lbh gb "znxr lbhefrys".
13563. jonas ( – 20 Aug 2018 11:09:39 LD48 #42: Running out of Space ]
I played through the game before this weekend, after shachaf pointed me to it. Here are some random comments.

0. The Ludum Dare prompt was very appropriate for you after you completed a running challenge.
1. Knowing the game title helped a lot in retrospectfor two reasons. The larger reason is that the opening title screen gives the game title in the alien alphabet. The smaller reason is that when I saw the Diablo-style inventory with four eggs, I immediately guessed a part of the game: (rot13: lbh gbbx gur fbsgybpx oht sebz Pbaarpgbe Jbeyq naq ghearq vg vagb n chmmyr srngher).
2. When shachaf pointed me at the game, I immediately saw the alien alphabet, mused loudly that it must be some sort of simple substitution cipher for English, which shachaf confirmed. That's a small spoiler I guess, but it didn't really help too much.
3. The second spoiler I got from shachaf was that the menu of four commands has a typo. It turns out that it has two typos. One of them you mention in your post, but that one didn't annoy me, because I didn't even realize it until post-game discussion. It seems you have fixed the first one by now: Gur frpbaq pbzznaq hfrq gb fnl "gnyr" vafgrnq bs "gnyx".
4. I wondered how come the alien doesn't speak the Standard Galactic Alphabet from the Commander Keen games, but I guess other game design perspectives overrided the need for realism this time.
5. So when shachaf pointed me to the game on Thursday, I was busy with work, and only played as much of it to get past the first obstacle, the fire that blocks your way. I put it down then. I started to play properly on Friday. I immediately decided to decode the alien alphabet, though it might have been optional. Luckily at that time I noticed the title screen. That made the decoding much easier, since it already gives most of the common letters. Without that, I would have really struggled because I started by decoding the command bar, and (rot13) sebz gur rssrpg bs gur svefg pbzznaq V nffhzrq gur svefg pbzznaq jbhyq or "gnxr", fb "teno gnyr" jbhyq unir pbhashfrq bhg gur urpx bs zr, rira xabjvat gurer'f n glcb, fvapr V qvqa'g unir "t" be "x" be "y" sebz naljurer, "hfr" qbrfa'g uryc gur erfg, naq "bibcbfvg" vf hathrffnoyr.
6. That said, with the title screen and the spoiler warning about the typo (or after fixing the typo), the alphabet puzzle was really easy. Already before solving the first obstacle the game gives you so many phrases that you can decode the whole alphabet and what the four commands do. The ones you can encounter before getting past the fire, I think: (rot13) "Ehaavat bhg bs fcnpr, teno, gnyr, bibcbfvg, hfr" (lbh pna'g "hfr" nalguvat jvgubhg fbyivat gur chmmyr, ohg gur gvgyr tvirf nyy gur yrggref), "vairagbel, ybbx ng zr, ybbx ng plyvaqre" (sver rkgvathvfure), "ybbx ng sver, ybbx ng nyvra" (pncgnva Xvex), "creuncf n jrncba" (gur qrfpevcgvba bs gur sver rkgvathvfure), "fbzr nyvra grpuabybtl" (qrfpevcgvba bs gur sver), "vg zr :-)" (qrfpevcgvba bs lbhefrys), "ybbxf jnez" (qrfpevcgvba bs pncgnva), "V pna'g tb gurer, V qba'g xabj ubj gb qb gung, V pna'g tb gurer :-(" (gnyx gb pncgnva be hfr jvgu pncgnva), "hfr rtt jvgu, bibcbfvg rtt vagb, zhfg bibcbfvg naq rtt vagb n *obql*, uv zr! :-), uv plyvaqre! :-), uv sver! :-)" (fur xabjf vg'f sver ohg ng gur fnzr gvzr pnyyf vg fbzr nyvra grpuabybtl), "V arrq gb teno vg svefg" (gel gb hfr gur sver be gur rkgvathvfure), "V pna bayl bivcbfvg na rtt" (gel gb bivcbfvg gur sver vagb gur sver).
7. So I wrote everything I found in alien language with English under it, which was a subset of the above, and it was enough to decode the alphabet, except for four letters that I have never seen. The third spoiler I got from shachaf is that I will never see the other four letters, except in the game resources. (He had actually linked to the png image containing the alphabet earlier, but I closed it before I could absorb anything, so I don't count that as a spoiler.) Indeed the game is quite short, and I got very few phrases later: "pneq, tengr, aet jrncba, nveybpx, qbbe, cbeg, ohytr, gbby, ehaavat bhg bs fcnpr / gbz 7 2018".
8. The only pathfinding bug I noticed was that when I click on the right side of the screen while the alien is going around the (rot13: fcvxr cvg) obstacle, the alien will go back to the left of the obstacle and try to go around the obstacle on the other side, that is, under if if she was over and over if she was under. This can lead to the alien never progressing if you keep clicking frequently. This was easy to recognize and work around.
9. One random bug I noticed is: (rot13) gur orq jvgu gur pbire chyyrq bire nsgre lbh erzbir gur gbby vf fgvyy pnyyrq n "ohytr".
10. One more bug I noticed only in the postgame testing: (rot13) lbh pna tb bire gur punve naq trg gb gur evtug bs pncgnva Xvex. Vs lbh'er gurer, Xvex vf fgvyy snpvat evtug, ohg ur qbrfa'g abgvpr vs lbh gnyx gb uvz naq lbh pna'g fubbg uvz jvgu gur aet jrncba.
11. The puzzles that took me the most time to figure out were both totally fair puzzles: (rot13) gung lbh pna teno gur bssvpre guebhtu gur tengr (V gevrq n ybg bs bgure npgvbaf qbjafgnvef jvgu abguvat jbexvat, ohg guvf bar vf snve orpnhfr lbh pna abgvpr gung gur svefg pbzznaq vf anzrq "teno" engure guna "gnxr"); naq gur vairagbel grgevf chmmyr.
12. I also spent a lot of time decoding the alphabet, but unlike the other two puzzles, that one was fun rather than frustrating, it only took a lot of time because of a lot of careful handwriting in alien and English.
13. I also spent time (rot13) gb svther bhg jung gur pneq qbrf, rfcrpvnyyl jul V pna'g hfr vg ba jung ybbxf yvxr n pneq ubyr ng gur vafvqr bs gur vaare qbbe bs gur nveybpx. V erfgnegrq gur tnzr gb gel gur grgevf chmmyr jvgubhg cvpxvat vg hc ohg gura ernyvmrq gung vg pna'g nssrpg gur grgevf chmmyr naljnl fvapr lbh jvyy nyjnlf unir n serr fdhner gb chg vg ng nal gvzr.
14. The most annoying part of the game interface by far was how the alien messages displayed. Sometimes an important message flashed up for a very short time and disappeared, so I had to make screenshots. Other times a message instead stayed on the the top message line forever until I did something to display the next one. There didn't seem to be any logic between which one of these behaviors each message had. Sometimes multiple irrelevant error messages got buffered up when I clicked on everything on screen trying to find what I can interact with, and then I had to wait for the message queue to empty and then restart. Sometimes a message popped up partly outside of the screen boundary and you had to scroll the background to get it completely inside the screen. I didn't check how much of this you have fixed since.
13562. jonas ( – 20 Aug 2018 09:44:46 I ran every day for a year ]
Thanks for the badge!
13561. Tom 7 ( – 18 Aug 2018 16:11:17 LD48 #42: Running out of Space ]
Thank you! Fixed it!

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