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14749. R. R: aka SWHNIWTD ( – 20 Jan 21:48:13 30 Weird Chess Algorithms: Elo World ]
Hello! I'm unsure if this is still a good way to reach you, but if it is I have some questions I'd like to ask. Well, just one, really. Since I don't have any notable experience with computer science, I'm not sure how to go about compiling the project - and none of the advice I've been able to find is... beginner friendly. If you could give me a quick and easy guide to compiling this thing, your assistance would be much appreciated.

(I also wouldn't mind, like, an installer, or a precompiled version? But I recognize that the former would probably be a pain to make, and... all right, I'm not sure why the latter wouldn't work but I'm sure you have a reason.)

Anyways, the point is that anything you could do to make this the slightest bit easier to set up would be a great help. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.

Someone Who Has No Idea What They're Doing
14748. Anonymous ( – 17 Jan 19:00:00 NEW: Tom 7 Entertainment System site ]
Hello, it seems that "Theme from alaplantine" and "12% of 360kb" link to the same file
14747. Tom 7 ( – 16 Jan 14:26:52 NEW: Tom 7 Entertainment System site ]
Thanks Anon, I fixed the download to 12% of 360kb!
14746. Tom 7 ( – 16 Jan 00:58:19 The Pac Tom documentary! ]
Feel free to follow me on Strava if you find it interesting (but you'll see a lot of me running my regular routes and treadmills and things!):

I fixed the soundtrack; thanks for the bug report! It was missing the Training Montage due to a typo, urgh!

Axel: I'm happy to hear this! :)
14745. Axel ( – 15 Jan 00:52:39 The Pac Tom documentary! ]
I started running because of pactom back in 2020 when I was 30 years old. It turns out not running for 30 years and then suddenly running a lot was a really bad idea - but thankfully my knees healed after a month of inactivity, and I'm now running 2/3 times a week at a healthy pace :)

Upvote the strava question.
14744. Anonymous ( – 13 Jan 11:46:44 ICFP Contest 2022, Great Race 2022, Birthday 2022 ]
I just wanna say that this is a really cool site!
14743. Anonymous ( – 10 Jan 14:43:45 NEW: Album-a-day #18 ''Fake Mars'' ]
This still holds up really well in 2023!
14742. Anonymous ( – 10 Jan 06:27:15 The Pac Tom documentary! ]
the downloadable soundtrack has tracks going up to 04, but there's no track 02
14741. Anonymous ( – 09 Jan 19:26:34 NEW: Tom 7 Entertainment System site ]
Hello, it seems that "Theme from alaplantine" and "12% of 360kb" link to the same file
14740. Anonymous ( – 06 Jan 16:14:58 NEW: Tom 7 Entertainment System site ]
Hello, it seems that "Theme from alaplantine" and "12% of 360kb" link to the same file
14739. Nels ( – 04 Jan 10:14:45 The Pac Tom documentary! ]
Love to get to peak performance with my sports onions.
14738. Anonymous ( – 03 Jan 20:57:11 The Pac Tom documentary! ]
Tom- Are you on Strava? Would like to follow your running!
14737. Tom 7 ( – 02 Jan 10:07:45 Chores and chores ]
You're welcome Finch! :) Thanks for telling me!
14736. Tom 7 ( – 01 Jan 15:08:24 Updated: Escape 200912250 ]
Thanks Andy! The spam has really been escalating recently so now you need a secret code for old posts (:
Glad you enjoyed the video etc.!
14706. jonas ( – 30 Dec 2022 22:31:47 The Pac Tom documentary! ]
Thank you for the video. My favorite part is how you show the holes in the sole of your shoes near the beginning, then ask how the glass shard got through the soles.

I'd still like to see your achievement unlocked badge though.
14699. Andy Moore ( – 30 Dec 2022 02:14:27 Updated: Escape 200912250 ]

I discovered you, your blog, and your projects via the HN link to your Pac Tom Pittsburgh running project yesterday.

Jammed on the music, videos, and your blog archives. Wonderful stuff!

I then bragged to the family about your Douglas Adams handwriting font, and how someone else had a running project (Mine is the total mileage circumferences from each of our solar system's 'runnable' objects! ((That's after running the Mordor There and Back Again.)))

Thought to send a note congratulating you and found this hilarious recent spam wall of comments, which made me laugh and laugh. Good job sir!
(Helped ease the befuddlement from the Penguins vs. Red Wings game from here in the ATX.)

14697. Michael Reimann ( – 29 Dec 2022 17:25:04 Updated: Escape 200912250 ]
Are you the owner of the website?
I have a question.
14690. Anonymous ( – 27 Dec 2022 18:19:59 NEW: Tom 7 Entertainment System site ]
Hallo Tom, ich bin rein zufällig auf eine deiner Seiten gestoßen😅 finde das ne echt mega witzige Idee so viele Sachen im Netz zu veröffentlichen😅 ich finde es total gut, daß du so zusagen die Leute enternainst. Kann mir gut vorstellen das ei ige durch deine Seiten ein Lachen ins Gesicht bekomme.
14619. Anonymous ( – 18 Dec 2022 20:22:24 UPD: midimml ]
why am i here lol
14577. Finch ( – 14 Dec 2022 02:18:50 Chores and chores ]
At the risk of detracting from a potential impromptu attic insulation symposium I wanted to mention that today marked the second time I have used one of your joyfully eclectic typefaces for a project.
I wanted to thank you for the typefaces, and their general GNUness, as well as the inspiration to jump off intellectual cliffs that you have provided on several occasions.
14515. Kristen Heist ( – 06 Dec 2022 02:45:13 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
14503. Adam G ( – 04 Dec 2022 20:16:30 Chores and chores ]
I just insulated my attic also!
14472. Anonymous ( – 02 Dec 2022 18:09:05 Chores and chores ]
I want to hear about attic insulation in more details!
14443. Tom 7 ( – 01 Dec 2022 10:15:58 October surprise ]
Ceri: That's awesome, congrats! I remember you telling me that you were working on it long ago :) Level II does have a lot to offer, for what it's worth...

jonas: Agreed but I am withholding the achievement until I post the video!
14285. jonas ( – 03 Nov 2022 07:22:35 October surprise ]
Update the Pac Tom website with an Achivement unlocked box, you deserve it.

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