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13766. Anonymous ( – 20 Nov 02:52:22 Happy halloween! ]
I just discovered your fonts after searching for some stuff on the internet. Thank you so much for all you have done. Your fonts are amazing!
13765. jonas ( – 13 Nov 09:14:12 Happy halloween! ]
On the Pac Tom website, in "", "In do take advantage" is a typo for "I do take advantage".
13764. John D. ( – 06 Nov 15:33:53 Reverse emulating the NES! ]
It is easier to run on an emulator for sure, and the mapper is in fact unique. The "NTSC" version does not work well on NTSC hardware (despite there being a publicly available "NTSC" version of the ROM) the real NTSC prototype version was never released and the current owner of the EPROM is not willing to sell because they still hope to make a legit working copy. Here is a link to the "NTSC"(in name only, it really needs a PAL emulator to be fully playable) version.
13763. Anonymous ( – 04 Nov 06:29:37 Happy birthday to me #41 ]
"This is WRONG. It will CORRUPT your precious HASHES"
Accidentally modifying hashes is a mandatory part of learning git. It introduces you to `git reflog`!
13762. jonas ( – 01 Nov 08:27:29 Happy halloween! ]
A short film that you'll prepare about the Pac Tom project? And it will include footage of you running in a Haloween costume? That sounds very interesting. Are you planning to make the film recommended without an age limit, or are you making it realistic and include pictures of your foot with lots of blood instead?
13761. Tom 7 ( – 01 Nov 00:06:53 Happy halloween! ]
Oh, it is also possible that I accidentally "posted" this one instead of "save as draft," which locks in that juicy timestamp. Rest assured that this one was completed naturally within the month of October E.D.T.!
13760. Tom 7 ( – 01 Nov 00:04:12 Happy halloween! ]
What the heck now? The server does not agree with reality on the current time. Could maybe be bad karma since I solicited bug reports. :)
13759. Tom 7 ( – 31 Oct 22:43:28 Reverse emulating the NES! ]
AFAIK there would be no reason that wouldn't work (as long as running at 6/5 speed or some frame-dropping/telecine would be ok), although the emulator would have to support the game. Sounds like it may have some fancy mapper if it's doing 3D rendering, so that's not a given! Probably much simpler to play on an emulator on the computer though :)
13758. Matt McCutchen ( – 31 Oct 17:02:34 Happy birthday to me #41 ]
Hey Tom, feel free to hit me up at if you could use any help with git. The learning curve is indeed steep (in fact, one of my colleagues in graduate school studied both the fundamental and the stupid reasons why git is so hard to use) and git has some rarely acknowledged fundamental problems that don't yet have satisfactory solutions (that I'm aware of), but there's so much that it _does_ do well that I've found my study has been repaid many times over. Congratulations on the other stuff too!
13757. John D. ( – 27 Oct 16:19:23 Reverse emulating the NES! ]
Dear Tom 7,
I know that this is kind of silly, but how hard would it be to reverse emulate NES games from a different region? Specifically, there is a NES game that was only released in the PAL region, and it will not run properly on an NTSC NES (this has to do with 3D rendering and the difference between processor timing in the two regions).
Again, I know it is silly, and reverse engineering the 6502 assembly code is probably easier, but how hard would it be to skip the dithering and all that and get the raspberry pi to emulate a PAL NES?
13756. Tom 7 ( – 20 Oct 23:49:19 Still keeping up the no-pants streak ]
jonas: Indeed, I'm thinking about relaxing the rules. The one that would help the most would be exactly that one, although I guess my only real alternative to running is biking right now.

Anon: I did mean the this keyword. I really think that in ~1997 or so, this was legal, or at a minimum a reliably supported thing (I think I remember learning it from some Microsoft headers). Of course I know to avoid such undefined behavior now :)

Soctt: Couple theories on injury avoidance...
- I think I picked up running "the right way" in that I started regularly almost 20 years ago, running only a mile every day, and picked up mileage pretty gradually.
- Consider the selection effects (survivor bias) involved in us even having this conversation!
- It could actually just be that I am injured but I'm just habituated to it. My body definitely doesn't feel perfect at 41, although I mostly think of it as a "good" kind of sore. Arguably the herniated disc is caused or exacerbated by running (nobody really knows).
13755. Tom 7 ( – 20 Oct 23:39:46 Happy birthday to me #41 ]
Hi everybody! Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

I'm glad I didn't antagonize any git aficionados (no hard feelings). Honestly I think that I have to be fair(er) to git: hg is maybe a slightly better, but I think most of what I like about it is actually the helpful extensions we have at work. Anybody have a nice curses (or other cross-platform text-mode) UI that they recommend?

Adam: The man pages, omg

Scott: Fixed the bug in Scribble (it was just a reversed condition during the porting), thanks a lot for the report!

CB: If you live in the city limits, it's almost certain at this point! But also if you moved in the last 15 years, there's a chance that I didn't run on your street while you lived there.
13754. CB ( – 16 Oct 17:20:04 Happy birthday to me #41 ]
Happy Belated Birthday!

I think you ran on my street at some point so that's pretty cool. GL with running the whole county :)
13753. Nels ( – 16 Oct 10:49:21 Happy birthday to me #41 ]

I 'bout died when I read
"git push --force-with-lease"
13752. Scott F ( – 05 Oct 06:29:16 Happy birthday to me #41 ]
Happy belated, Tom!

It's funny you had managed to avoid Git all these years. Seeing you learn it feels like a time warp, back to a simpler time. I converted my old Darcs repositories to Git around 2012 and felt like a late adopter then.

Possible Aphasia 2 upgrade-related bug: several Scribble games are stuck because pressing the "no words possible" button doesn't work.
13751. Sophia ( – 04 Oct 21:03:04 Happy birthday to me #41 ]
I know we have talked about git a lot recently, but funny thing is that I both agree with you and also perhaps my least favorite thing about git is it not being MORE opinionated about some things. Particularly in the context of working in a larger organizational context, because there are often many different ways to do the same fundamental things, it leads to expending think units on questions I'd rather just have decided by the tool, and in a larger group, can lead to a lot of philosophical debates about which is the "best" or "right" way to do X in git.

example: bringing branches back to their parent (merge? rebase? fast-forward? squash your branch first? what is appropriate squashing (single-commit, or logical pieces?)

It's funny that the idea of "history" is a common talking point about git, but literally your history is not a concrete record at all but can turn out in many different forms depending on those choices you make. Later commits can precede earlier commits. Etc.
13750. Anonymous ( – 04 Oct 13:44:08 Happy birthday to me #41 ]
Look for a talk titled "git for ages 4 and up", it was transformative in my understanding and I ended up getting a version of it hosted internally at the company I worked at.
13749. Pablo ( – 02 Oct 15:45:13 Happy birthday to me #41 ]
Happy Birthday! I laughed at your description of learning git :D

I preferred Mercurial during the DVCS wars of the late aughts, just as I was first learning software, but after a decade of practice I'm now more proficient in it than hg. I still do the occasional project in hg, wish it "won" (or at least had substantial use), and still harbor dreams that I'll get to use it more than I do.

I just got Control, it's on my list to play soon ^_^
13748. Adam G ( – 01 Oct 21:33:30 Happy birthday to me #41 ]
1. Happy Birthday
2. Mercurial is definitely more sensible than git, though the general model of operation is the same. The terminology of git is bizarrely permuted because Linus was friends with the bitkeeper guy and didn't want to directly clone it??
4. You can try
13747. Matt McCutchen ( – 26 Sep 09:59:05 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
Hi Tom 7,

Thanks for the response. You realize that having levels on the main server as GPLv3 only is going to make a mess if you want to switch to GPLv4 in another decade, right? I'd urge you to use "GPLv3 or later" instead, at least for newly uploaded levels.

In fact, I'd encourage you to try to get past contributors to license as much of the existing codebase as possible under "GPLv3 or later" (or "GPLv3 or any later version approved by Tom 7 or his designee" if you have concerns about what FSF might do in future versions). I think the community would appreciate it if you do this while you still have any relationships you do with contributors, even if you don't think you'll still be maintaining Escape by the time it matters.

Thanks a million for all your past work on the client and your work on keeping the main server running: I've seen it brought back up quickly after several recent outages. If operating the main server ever becomes too much work for you, I might be willing to take it over.

13746. Scott F ( – 21 Sep 04:35:37 Still keeping up the no-pants streak ]
Wow, Hangsnoot was hoppin' in 2000 and 2001. Impressed and fascinated by how long your projects have been live and how you still keep them up. But one bug report: the album selector has been missing from the left side of AAD pages for a few years now. My apologies to whoever plays the Hangsnoot games I just set up where I treated it as an opportunity to show off my fancy vocabulary. After solving a few of them I realized I'm supposed to put in way easier words. At least the system rejected the David Foster Wallace neologism "malcathected."

How do you run so much and not injure yourself all the time? When I attempt any remotely ambitious running habit, my knees tend to get busted in some way.
13745. fetjuel ( – 15 Sep 00:44:50 AAD-23: sk7 or die!!! ]
oh wait I get it because 7 is in your name
13744. Tom 7 ( – 14 Sep 20:10:05 Happy Juleny ]
I hadn't seen it! Thanks for sharing! :)
13743. Anonymous ( – 10 Sep 09:04:48 Still keeping up the no-pants streak ]
@jonas Ooh, I was hoping by `this` he didn't mean the C++ keyword. Nasty :P
13742. Timothy Exit ( – 09 Sep 13:51:05 Happy Juleny ]
Not sure if you've seen this one...

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