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13745. fetjuel ( – 15 Sep 00:44:50 AAD-23: sk7 or die!!! ]
oh wait I get it because 7 is in your name
13744. Tom 7 ( – 14 Sep 20:10:05 Happy Juleny ]
I hadn't seen it! Thanks for sharing! :)
13743. Anonymous ( – 10 Sep 09:04:48 Still keeping up the no-pants streak ]
@jonas Ooh, I was hoping by `this` he didn't mean the C++ keyword. Nasty :P
13742. Timothy Exit ( – 09 Sep 13:51:05 Happy Juleny ]
Not sure if you've seen this one...
13741. jonas ( – 01 Sep 04:56:19 Still keeping up the no-pants streak ]
> all the streets in Allegheny County […] I'd need to do dozens of 40 or 50-mile round-trip runs

You could use different rules for the county, especially about starting or ending at home.

> Pittsburgh proper […] to commemorate the project's completion.

Hmm. So finishing with another silly costume run? That will be interesting.

> database data that had been "converted" during the "automatic" upgrade from UTF-8 bytes (not correctly marked I guess) to Windows-1252 and then "converted" again to UTF-8.

Sounds typical. Yours is not the only website whose backend suffers with similar problems.

> when testing (this == NULL) was thing reasonable people did

Ah yes. I am scared of my old code with the “if (--rcnt) delete this;” reference count decreasing function, but at least I'm not using it in a live webpage.

13740. Tom 7 ( – 01 Sep 01:02:42 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
Hi Matt!
I think levels should be GPL v3, same as escape itself. Perhaps the dialog could refer to COPYING in the game's directory for full details?

Sorry, I've been meaning to get to your various patches but I am behind on several things, including getting Escape compiling at all again on Windows and Mac. Feel free to distribute your own builds and thanks for trying to keep it alive! I have been in the mood to revisit and rejuvenate old projects, so perhaps after we get the Destroy FX site up...
13739. Matt McCutchen ( – 23 Aug 08:36:48 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
What license are the levels on the main server supposed to be under? The notice in upload dialog suggests a simple non-copyleft license, while buried in escape.txt is a statement that levels are under the "GPL" with the version(s) unspecified. (I know some levels on the main server appear to be derivatives of works that are probably non-free, but we can still clarify the intended license.)

I'd like to clarify the notice in the upload dialog in my version of Escape. Ideally the notice would come from a file on the server so that it can be changed on the server and show up in all sufficiently new clients, but hard-coding a better message in my client would be better than the status quo.
13738. Matt McCutchen ( – 22 Aug 16:01:54 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
I am now offering binary releases of my version of Escape for Linux and Windows. Enjoy!
13735. Tom 7 ( – 21 Aug 14:00:19 Happy Juleny ]
Testing UTF-8 herewhich seems to have been broken by the ubuntu upgrade.
13734. Matt McCutchen ( – 15 Aug 13:54:57 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
Hi Tom 7,

I'm adding a bunch of bug fixes and small features to my version of Escape at . While some have already repaid my work with their benefit to me personally, inasmuch as anyone else is still playing Escape, I would like them to benefit too, in particular from the changes that only benefit new users. For example, I just added a dialog box with some basic information when the user starts the first tutorial level:

Without this, a friend to whom I recommended Escape couldn't figure out how to move the player!

However, I don't know if anyone is finding my version, and new users are especially unlikely to be willing to build it from source. Are you willing to talk with me about taking at least some of these changes upstream? (If it's better than cluttering this thread, you can email me at .) If not, maybe I will start building binaries for the OSes I have access to so I can at least direct my friends to them, but I still don't know if anyone else will find them.

Thanks for your attention!

13733. Anonymous ( – 07 Aug 18:02:57 Ludum Dare 23: T in Y World ]
I don't know how to run a server, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem to just edit a local copy of the game. The rules are the same as far as I can tell, but I understand not wanting to break new levels for the main version if there are minor errors. Someone fixed the parentheses, so they now work.
13732. Pablo ( – 03 Aug 17:26:42 Happy Juleny ]
I was nodding a lot while reading your thoughts on Bloodstained! Especially the bit about "owe Konami royalties" lol. I feel like I must have missed some core mechanic, since I cooked + ate everything I could without grinding for ingredients but didn't come out overpowered at all, and found the second half rather challenging.
13731. Eli ( – 03 Aug 01:11:02 Happy Juleny ]
Tom: I'm most concerned with repeatability, though the latter did cross my mind. I actually hadn't tried the Geometer until you mentioned it. I've been mostly using the Scrubby. I'm relatively new to working in DAWs, so I'm a little shaky on automation in general.

I know you from your videos and sigbovik papers, so I was surprised to see you worked on stuff like this, and even more so to find that these plugins work fine on my modern computer. All of this is cool, and I'm glad to see these plugins developed further.
13730. Tom 7 ( – 02 Aug 23:48:14 Happy Juleny ]
Thanks for the votes!
Eli: Like for Geometer random landmarks? Are you more concerned with it being repeatable or with being able to keep rolling the dice until you get one you like? Makes sense, but I think the plugin interface may not allow for it (I don't know if it's possible to know like "where you are in the song"). Maybe the best we could do is make them actually deterministic if the audio input is exactly the same.

For "randomize parameters" stuff, it's supposed to record these as automation events, but it's possible that doesn't work correctly.
13729. Eli ( – 02 Aug 17:35:51 Happy Juleny ]
It would be cool to be able to set a seed for the random effects.
13728. Max ( – 02 Aug 11:40:06 Happy Juleny ]
A vote for make more effects!
13727. Tom 7 ( – 01 Aug 11:08:15 Ludum Dare 23: T in Y World ]
I don't remember the rules about parentheses. :) I think some things that seem like they should be symmetric aren't, because you need to do the update scan in one order or another. Please feel free to port/modify/etc. (it is open source after all) but I guess I'd rather that you didn't modify the levels on the server, especially if you change the game's rules... I think that could interfere with players of the "main" game. Shouldn't be hard to build a new server, yeah?
13726. Tom 7 ( – 01 Aug 11:03:16 Happy Junely ]
bobs22: Not yet! I understand it is kinda similar to my ludum dare game "T in Y World" which might be why I haven't played it yet (envy, I mean) but I've heard it's quite good. I liked Environmental Station Alpha a lot.

Adhesion: Cool, it would be great to get some bug reports! :) Thank you!
FWIW the Vive and Index work pretty well on my aging 1080, even at high refresh rates. Although with VR it's really bad if your card can't keep up; for me it's nauseating enough that I can't even play.
13725. Adhesion ( – 09 Jul 11:34:11 Happy Junely ]
Awesome to hear that you're working on DFX plugins again! They do seemingly work in 64-bit hosts via jbridge (even Geometer, which I had a lot of issues with back in the day) but it would be great to have native 64-bit versions. I'm also down to help test any new stuff you might come up with.

Good to know about the Index too. I'm still very tempted by VR but I don't really want to give Facebook any more data or money on the Oculus route, and a $1000 investment (really $1300+ if you include a new video card, which I probably need) plus months of wait for an Index that might have issues is also not great. Maybe one day...
13724. mm ( – 07 Jul 10:25:38 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
Hi Dave! :-) Is Escape working on MacOS Catalina?
13723. Max ( – 06 Jul 10:18:13 Happy Junely ]
I still use Skidder regularly!!
13722. bobs22 ( – 04 Jul 02:24:57 Happy Junely ]
have you ever played baba is you?, it's about words and baba and you
13721. Tom 7 ( – 01 Jul 18:06:51 Happy Junely ]
Tadbot: excellent vocab word!
jonas: I would probably make this mistake too except that my birthday is in September, so month 9 is among the only ones that I can dead reckon.
13720. jonas ( – 01 Jul 04:17:36 Happy Junely ]
> I confuse the two adjacent four-letter Ju months

I don't confuse those, but I still confuse whether August is the eighth or ninth month, and whether the ninth month is August or September. I blame calendars, because they display either only month numbers or month names, so I never see the associations between them in print. I should make my own calendar to fix this problem.
13719. Tadbot ( – 01 Jul 02:51:36 Happy Junely ]
I don't know what running shorts string is officially called, but I'd refer to the heat shrink tubing end as an 'aglet'.

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