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13658. Anonymous ( – 05 Oct 17:45:03 30 Weird Chess Algorithms: Elo World ]
* chess piece and video and recommended it to TCEC's fanbase...
13657. Nelson H, aka Cato the Younger_TCEC ( – 05 Oct 17:44:02 30 Weird Chess Algorithms: Elo World ]
Quite by accident, I ran across your chess piece and video to TCEC's fanbase as a rollicking fun ride through bad chess. I was astonished by your dedication in downloading every LiChess file; I thought I must be one of the few lunatics on the planet to do that. Of course, I keep <0.5% of them for opening book purposes and even that many is dubious.
13656. mark ( – 19 Sep 09:06:13 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
I was just about to mention the above so it must be happening for all.
There is no problem playing the game but website does not look as nice.
Wonder if this a quick fix Tom thanks.
13655. long time listener, first time caller ( – 15 Sep 15:33:01 30 Weird Chess Algorithms: Elo World ]
I really enjoyed this latest video. I was wondering how well you could do by "ensembling" different dumb chess players in some way. I guess the simplest way to do this would be similar to the stockfish-random dilution, but with a dilution of an arbitrary selection of different players.

In particular, I wonder if there's any ensemble that performs better than its constituent parts. I don't have a good enough intuition to work out how or why this might be the case (best I can come up with is some kind of hill-climbing analogy?), and well, you have the program to just run it and see so I'm throwing this up here rather than doing anything about it myself.
13654. Tom 7 ( – 12 Sep 00:02:20 Why do posts have to have a 'title'? ]
Thanks Fuzzy, a good recommendation! :)
13653. Fuzzy ( – 03 Sep 00:37:58 Why do posts have to have a 'title'? ]
Dude that's awesome you like Anak Ko, I'm loving it as well. I recommend SASAMI if you wanna try something similar and really good! (Self-titled debut from earlier this year)

Cheers from Tucson!
13652. TheJonyMyster ( – 02 Sep 23:07:14 NEW: Tom 7 Entertainment System site ]
hello i am not a computer supergenius like everyone else here probably is and im wondering if its (still/ever was) possible to play tom7 entertainment system the way he does live? i have guitar hero controller and i would like to try it... or is that just not an option
13651. Tom 7 ( – 01 Sep 09:43:07 Why do posts have to have a 'title'? ]
Ha! Congrats! :)
13650. calendar ( – 01 Sep 07:57:53 Why do posts have to have a 'title'? ]
And I finally won Dragon Drop. I'd played it some years ago, but back then I couldn't figure out what the goal was. I must have skipped one of the two crucial cutscenes, because the puzzle itself isn't hard.
13649. noname ( – 01 Sep 02:16:38 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
It seems that thumbnails for new levels are no longer showing on the server (look at e.g. the level browser on the webpage, or the comment section). I wonder if it's the case for others as well.
13648. calendar ( – 30 Aug 18:54:18 30 Weird Chess Algorithms: Elo World ]
Argh no! I'm not a good calendar, am I? You have less than two days.
13647. calendar ( – 30 Aug 18:53:50 30 Weird Chess Algorithms: Elo World ]
You have less than half a day to post the next entry.
13646. Scott F ( – 27 Aug 06:07:21 30 Weird Chess Algorithms: Elo World ]
Tom, I want to be you when I grow up, unless that comes off as excessively flattering to the point of being obsequious and creepy, in which case I don't want that. Either way I enjoyed this video. The listing of reasons you couldn't find chess partners was hilarious, although it almost pushed into cringe territory with how convincingly more pathetic you looked after each item was read.

NaN Gates and Flip FLOPS was definitely *more* up my alley than this one; by now I've watched it at least twice, maybe thrice. "I think we can do better. I think we can do best." Maybe it's those two semesters of computational logic that unlocked my appreciation for that concept or maybe it's my erstwhile fascination with esoteric programming languages. It was total catnip for me. This one, to be honest, I avoided for several weeks like, "Oh, it's chess, this one's not for me. I don't know the first thing about chess." Little did I know, neither do your algorithms!
Who can recommend to me the best product among those in the list on this site?
13644. jonas ( – 07 Aug 11:16:15 Reverse emulating the NES! ]
It turns out that Steve Chamberlin from BMOW also had the idea of having a modern computer reply to logic signals in real time as if it was hardware, and he failed: "" .
13643. Adhesion ( – 06 Aug 20:58:06 30 Weird Chess Algorithms: Elo World ]
I really dug the chess video despite knowing next to nothing about chess - always love some robot craftsmanship purely for the sake of a one-off joke. (NaN gates was great too, but a bit hard to follow in parts despite my CS background.)

I've also been playing Mankind Divided - just finished it over the weekend. There were some pacing issues and the story wasn't as meaty as I would've liked but I enjoyed it, it's probably a bit underrated. I didn't quite figure out any non-developer-intended ways to play, myself (aside from some very mild sequence breaking), but I tend to play full stealth/non-lethal in those games which actually ends up being fairly simple and straightforward. Was going for the no-alarms achievement but didn't get it for mysterious reasons which was super annoying. On to the DLC!
13642. Mike Dat ( – 04 Aug 23:17:59 30 Weird Chess Algorithms: Elo World ]
I would agree that Nan Gates is more interesting but I understood it less, this one had more stuff I knew about, I was familiar with.
13641. Anonymous ( – 04 Aug 23:15:01 ARST ARSW ]
Awesome stuff!
13640. jonas ( – 01 Aug 15:20:44 30 Weird Chess Algorithms: Elo World ]
I still wonder how hard it would be to make one of Óscar Toledo's chess programs "" to play from any game state you choose.
13639. Tom 7 ( – 31 Jul 19:17:24 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
Sorry that the Linux binary/tarball are so old. I didn't even think anybody was using these. There's a lot of technical debt I'd like to get to on Escape, but only so many hours in the day! Glad you were able to get it to work at least.

SSL is definitely something I'd like to do -- I tried with letsencrypt a few years ago but it didn't work for some weird reason. Maybe time to try again.
13638. calendar ( – 31 Jul 09:14:04 I still always confuse June and July ]
You have less than one day to post the next entry.
13637. ( – 30 Jul 00:16:30 Anagraphs and Generalized Kerning ]
for getting rid of trace and spare turing tape, make it so that the letter representing halted state (let's call it H) can combine with character to either side to become itself, and delete everything else that way, and lone H would be the destination word. If the starting word couldn't reach “blah H blah” in the first place, it wouldn't have an h to perform the "draw anything" trick with (catch 22, basically). All rules are reversible, so a word that can't reach the destination (H) can't be reached from destination either
13636. jonas ( – 20 Jul 16:50:55 I still always confuse June and July ]
I just realized why people cam here to comment about the chess article just now. That was when tom7 posted the video adaptation "" .
13635. Myles Handley ( – 18 Jul 12:13:53 I still always confuse June and July ]
I wonder how possible it would be to create an engine that meaningfully tries to draw the game. It just wants everyone to be friends!

I can think of at least two actionable ways to do this.

First, it always chooses the stockfish move that brings the advantage as close to zero as possible. This will make tons and tons of draws. It will not be very fun, because it was will just be super-humanly boring and unexploitable (by humans, at least).

A more fun way would be an engine that detects the difference in pieces and attempts to create parity. If it is behind by a pawn, it will try to attack pawns. If it is ahead a bishop, it will attempt to donate a bishop to it's opponent.
13634. Anonymous ( – 17 Jul 02:13:31 I still always confuse June and July ]
Hi – I found what I think is a typo in one of your papers:

"rare. The dual of dangerous; the score is one minus the probability of ending the game on that square.This player has a thirst for adventure!"

Isn't rare the dual of popular?

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