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13628. Anonymous Duck From Space ( – 03 Jun 23:01:45 Entries from May 2019 ]
13627. jonas ( – 01 Jun 13:13:33 Entries from May 2019 ]
Is "bizzaro-world TED talk" supposed to be a link to anything in particular?
13626. calendar ( – 30 May 17:16:03 NaN Gates and Flip FLOPS ]
You have more than a day to post the next post.
13625. Scott F ( – 04 May 23:48:52 NaN Gates and Flip FLOPS ]
I watched this at the beginning of April via jonas's comment, but it was well worth a second watch now. Fun video. Part of me wants more Tom 7 Albums-a-Day, but if this is the form of creativity that inspires you now, I'm not complaining. Good luck in the marathon!
13624. Tom 7 ( – 04 May 10:29:13 NaN Gates and Flip FLOPS ]
Thanks, I fixed it! :)
13623. Anonymous ( – 01 May 22:11:50 NaN Gates and Flip FLOPS ]
Hi Tom, at the end of the paper, you write "Please see" but it appears that project page is actually "". What do I do? Best regards.
13622. Tom 7 ( – 30 Apr 23:53:14 SIGBOVIK 2012: The National Month Of Pushing Spacebar ]
The next month is never more than 31 days away!
13621. Tom 7 ( – 30 Apr 23:52:39 Oops, February is short ]
Thanks! I'm using PCBWay, which also supports four+ layer, but (like basically anything that strays from the defaults) it increases the price from "suspiciously cheap" to "that's kinda what I expected." That's still somehow hard for me to justify to myself even though I'm willing to pour dozens of hours into the project, take vacation days, etc. (?). Of course the real reason to stick with two-layer is that it makes it more challenging to hand-route the board!
13620. calendar ( – 30 Apr 17:40:53 CHESSBOVIK ]
You have less than half a day to write an entry for month 04.
13619. Scott F ( – 30 Apr 05:37:00 Album-a-day #25: everylyyly everyy must it & & than an ]
This one and #23 have grown on me a lot over the years. Turtledog, Hot Interrobang, Mr. Natural and Ghostlines are all choice.

Also my fake bad review above just seems mean now. Sorry! It was supposed to be funny.
13618. Great music ( – 24 Apr 15:59:45 My 48-hour videogame 'Disco? Very!' for Ludum Dare #19 ]
Very disco
13617. NotAJumbleOfNumbers ( – 07 Apr 23:02:55 SIGBOVIK 2012: The National Month Of Pushing Spacebar ]
when's the next month
13616. jwise ( – 02 Apr 02:33:21 Oops, February is short ]
One of the things that I've learned over the years is that an excellent way to get a good result at something is to "teach Tom7 the basics of it, and watch him eclipse you rapidly". In this vein, I have wondered over the years what would happen if somebody gave you programmable logic devices: surely performance of the NANDY 1000 would be greatly improved by using some CPLDs as the basic gates, and even then, you might have enough logic left over to implement the rest of the NANDY 1000! Either that, or we'll end up with a hardware description language embedded in SML, and either of those sound like good outcomes to me.

All the same, I enjoy seeing the fruits of someone's labor in a densely routed board, and am suitably impressed. I fully expect a 4-layer board [1] with DDR3 [2] routed for next year's SIGBOVIK :-)

[1] It's more possible than it sounds! OSHPark's 4-layer process is quite good.

[2] It's, uh, comparably possible to how it sounds!
13615. jonas ( – 01 Apr 17:36:10 CHESSBOVIK ]
You have now uploaded the video that you promise in this post: ""
13614. jonas ( – 01 Apr 04:28:11 CHESSBOVIK ]
> This year I've been on a chess kick, which I think I've successfully gotten out of my system by writing all these

I thought SICO got them out of your system already.
13613. calendar ( – 31 Mar 16:08:05 Oops, February is short ]
You have about eight hours to post the next blog entry – not that it's really needed, because we'll probably see your five SIGBOVIK articles about chess the day after.
13612. Anonymous ( – 28 Mar 13:56:22 Ludum Dare #27: Point One Hurts ]
this is awesome and creative
13611. Z ( – 22 Mar 19:25:15 Oops, February is short ]
What is that board supposed to be?
13610. Anonymous ( – 03 Mar 20:20:41 Pac Tom Level 1 Complete, trophy ]

13609. jonas ( – 01 Mar 18:56:12 Oops, February is short ]
So this PCB plan, is this the one that will interface with your brain pretending it's your memory, like you suggested in the “Reverse emulating the NES” talk?
13608. Anonymous ( – 26 Feb 10:27:50 ARST ARSW ]
There were some interesting word combinations:


13607. A. A. ( – 10 Feb 23:44:03 All you gotta do is recognize the problem and then solve it ]
Move the piece that can get closest to an opposing piece (hopefully on top). Since there's sure to be lots of ties, from those choose the piece that is currently the furthest to move.
13606. devin ( – 08 Feb 17:26:18 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
I thought that levels were sorted by published date at default?
13605. calendar ( – 05 Feb 09:06:22 All you gotta do is recognize the problem and then solve it ]
> get it all out of my system

Inded, you have to get it out of your system. There's been four chess-related entries on IOCCC already: a C program that plays chess against the user, another C program that plays chess against the user but with a GUI, a C program that plays suicide chess, and a 6502 emulator in C with a chess program for 6502 given as an example use. It'd be very hard to win with another chess-related entry.
13604. R.O'D ( – 03 Feb 16:29:45 All you gotta do is recognize the problem and then solve it ]
. Move to maximize the total number of squares controlled by your pieces.

. (Too obvious?) Maximize the number of 'points' you have, where pawn = 1, knight = 3, etc.

. Move so as to maximize the number of times the board position has appeared in previous games at

. Move so as to increase the symmetry of the board (under the action of switching the white and black pieces)

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