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13869. Sandra Herr ( – 23 Jan 05:28:55 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
I was wondering if you wanted to submit your new site to our free business directory?
13868. A Boring Lizard on the Internet. ( – 16 Jan 14:13:10 SPIN article ]
You know it's really old when you see follow on Google +.

I think I have been part of this movement for a long time without knowing. The only part of the movement I fail at is sharing the resource.

By the way, you have a cool YouTube channel. I can't believe you needed a PhD to be a part-time YouTuber.

Peace, I'm out.

PS: I doubt anyone would read this.
13867. Grover Endres ( – 13 Jan 07:38:14 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
Good job on the new site! Now go ahead and submit it to our free directory here
13866. Oralee Benadom ( – 05 Jan 03:20:18 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
I was wondering if you wanted to submit your new site to our free business directory?
13865. Tom 7 ( – 01 Jan 15:59:26 December -1 ]
Fuzzy: Yes, a great album! But thank you for the tip as I always want to know about these things but don't have a systematic way of keeping up :)
jonas: Is that true? Dang... the last boss was kinda hard so I didn't want to fail the escape, since I thought you'd reset to the last save. I screwed up my quest!
13864. R ( – 19 Dec 2021 07:46:49 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
Hey, the Mac version doesn't work on the latest versions of Mac OS. I tried loading but all I get is a blank screen. Any chance of an update please?
13863. Tom 7 ( – 04 Dec 2021 18:40:11 Have not worn pants in like 50 days now ]
There is a new largest base-5 prime in town!
102818 *  5^3440382 - 1
13862. jonas ( – 02 Dec 2021 22:44:25 December -1 ]
Don't you get to keep the pixels though if you time out during the escape and retry?
13861. Fuzzy ( – 02 Dec 2021 22:22:21 December -1 ]
Speaking of music, I remember you saying you liked Jay Som a couple years back. Have you tried this collab album she made this year called Doomin' Sun? It's outstanding!
13860. Tom 7 ( – 01 Dec 2021 23:52:45 December -1 ]
Also the concert was postponed for almost a year, so maybe I will be able to go!
13858. Anonymous ( – 17 Nov 2021 18:41:01 Ludum Dare 23: T in Y World ]
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13857. Anonymous ( – 17 Nov 2021 18:41:00 Ludum Dare 23: T in Y World ]
13854. A. A. ( – 15 Nov 2021 23:08:49 Mostly, vaxcation ]
Thanks for the fontadvice.

So are you just autoencoding a game with it's own representation, or something slightly more fun like training on mario and then using the network on zelda? Hmm, could be fun to encode on snes mario and the use the network to visualize nes mario.
13852. Anonymous ( – 03 Nov 2021 16:00:38 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
I have the same question; is there someone else on here? I believe that Free Hero Mesh now has the features capable of implementing Escape (including bizarro world and order of execution) (if the levels are not bigger than 64x64). (If the puzzles of Escape include the solutions, then automatic testing of the conversion will be possible too.)
13851. matus, ( – 02 Nov 2021 08:55:38 Bathroom? Mushroom! ]
second page of google results. the world has crumbled.

also, i had this nightmare that the logical conclusion of pac tom is you move to another city.

i'll go put on some "rutgers" and "i'm a proof" to steady my breathing
13850. Tom 7 ( – 31 Oct 2021 23:36:20 Number 42 ]
Thanks folks! Happy birthday to you too!
I certainly didn't invent FixedSys but it's true that I use some form of it in an awful lot of my projects, partly because I used a modified bitmap version of it in Escape, and I end up cloning "font.png" into most of my SDL projects. (Oddly I am able to resist the urge to make a new font at the moments where I think: "I need to render some text!")
13849. Tom 7 ( – 31 Oct 2021 22:27:21 Mostly, vaxcation ]
Since TTF uses integer coordinates, it seems to me that you get perfect results if you size the grid so that the source pixels fall exactly on the grid, and then just outline the shape. It seems to help to explicitly turn off anti-aliasing when rasterizing it, too, although only if you are super picky (I am).

If you want to try to convert a font, you could try my "makesfd" here (it's just standalone C++17):
although you probably need to manually make the input image (see e.g. fixedersys.png and its associated cfg file). You have to load the generated SFD format with FontForge to actually generate the TTF. It's also possible that FontForge already has a way to do this, especially if you already have some kind of font file.

The NES images pictured are basically just an autoencoder I was using to test out, yes!
13848. Tom 7 ( – 31 Oct 2021 22:19:23 Happy -2020 and +2021! ]
Yes that's what I meant about Monkey Island!
"2nd playthrough" was about Cave Story, but I was referring to the upside-down part of SOTN. If there's a NG+ or something I never tried it :)
13847. Jmony@6969 ( – 25 Oct 2021 00:50:48 Bathroom? Mushroom! ]
The particle board that is used today in construction is made out of various types of trees, for, pine, alder, cottonwood. When these trees are brought to the chip mill that have mushroom spore already attached to them, whether it be from natural mutation on the tree or if spore was smeared on the tree somewhere at sometime during the processing of the tree from the forest.
These tree are cut into chip and hauled to another mill which gathers all the chips together and flattens them into construction particle board, this the mushroom spores are already impregnated into the material.
The spore can go thru a lot of conditions and remain dormant until the perfect conditions arise and thus the mushroom comes back to life to self-propugate, it being in your bathroom, under your bed, the kitchen sink area, where the conditions proved.
13844. A. A. ( – 13 Oct 2021 19:45:33 Mostly, vaxcation ]
Is this just an autoencoder or is something more fancy going on?
13843. A. A. ( – 12 Oct 2021 11:29:15 Happy -2020 and +2021! ]
I too have fond memories of monkey island sword fighting (I assume you are talking about the final boss fight where all the comebacks are different).

How is the 2nd playthru of sotn different? You don't mean the upside down part do you? It just feels like more of the same to me....
13842. A. A. ( – 12 Oct 2021 11:04:05 Mostly, vaxcation ]
So how hard is it to make a fake bitmap ttf? I've got the sgi console font in a true bitmap font format (.font) and none of the online sites are interested in converting to a modern font format that window 10+ demands.
13841. Reziac ( – 05 Oct 2021 19:24:06 Number 42 ]
This is so very weird. I first saw your fonts... 25? years ago, but just last month tripped over this blog. Sometimes the world is very small. Happy birthday!
13839. Anonymous ( – 02 Oct 2021 14:52:14 Number 42 ]
Happy Birthday!
13838. AnonymousBJ ( – 02 Oct 2021 12:26:25 ARST ARSW ]
Hi Tom! Great work.

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