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13724. mm ( – Today 10:25:38 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
Hi Dave! :-) Is Escape working on MacOS Catalina?
13723. Max ( – Yesterday 10:18:13 Happy Junely ]
I still use Skidder regularly!!
13722. bobs22 ( – 04 Jul 02:24:57 Happy Junely ]
have you ever played baba is you?, it's about words and baba and you
13721. Tom 7 ( – 01 Jul 18:06:51 Happy Junely ]
Tadbot: excellent vocab word!
jonas: I would probably make this mistake too except that my birthday is in September, so month 9 is among the only ones that I can dead reckon.
13720. jonas ( – 01 Jul 04:17:36 Happy Junely ]
> I confuse the two adjacent four-letter Ju months

I don't confuse those, but I still confuse whether August is the eighth or ninth month, and whether the ninth month is August or September. I blame calendars, because they display either only month numbers or month names, so I never see the associations between them in print. I should make my own calendar to fix this problem.
13719. Tadbot ( – 01 Jul 02:51:36 Happy Junely ]
I don't know what running shorts string is officially called, but I'd refer to the heat shrink tubing end as an 'aglet'.
13718. Anonymous ( – 26 Jun 07:10:38 Ludum Dare 23: T in Y World ]
I ported it to python with curses. Can I edit the online levels as part of that? I fixed the parenthesis. (well I didn't, but someone gave me a pull request) The clone is at
13717. Anonymous ( – 25 Jun 09:30:46 Ludum Dare 23: T in Y World ]
What do the ( and ) match? It's something about towards the T or away from the T, but what does that mean? Is it from the first element, or from the element before the ( or )? Why doesn't the bidirectional push work backwards?
13716. Anonymous ( – 24 Jun 14:26:06 Ludum Dare 23: T in Y World ]
Why do missing pages (like 404) give a status code of 200?
13715. Tom 7 ( – 12 Jun 17:20:25 Ludum Dare 23: T in Y World ]
I know, and lots of my jam games are in this state. :(
I have on my list to port them to JS. This one is easier than average because it doesn’t use any vector graphics, but it’s still annoying to have to rewrite weekend game jam projects, because the mindset when I’m writing them is definitely not “write good code so that when you port this to other technologies 8 years later it is easy to understand and you won’t be constantly tempted to rewrite/reimagine everything about it”.
13714. Anonymous ( – 05 Jun 05:58:04 Ludum Dare 23: T in Y World ]
You might want to rewrite this in HTML5 and JavaScript; Chrome will stop supporting flash soon.
13713. Dack Janiels ( – 04 Jun 05:08:43 Quake 3 Done! ]
Here I am, playing Quake since 2001 but only giving nightmare SP mode a shot. I've beaten most of them, i'm stuck at q3dm18...
Anyone could give me some tips ? because Major gets to 20 so fast...
13712. Anonymous ( – 01 Jun 12:40:45 Have not worn pants in like 50 days now ]
"Sierpiński is also the guy who invented the Triforce."

13709. Dave ( – 11 May 18:46:55 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
erm wtf ?
13706. Dave ( – 11 May 16:06:38 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
and that posted mid-edit, oopsie :D:D
13705. Anonymous ( – 11 May 16:05:30 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
So what I think I'm trying to saying is all the modding and making super hard levels was fun but we might have broken stuff in doing it by scaring off new players...
13704. Dave ( – 11 May 15:56:01 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
Sorry, Martina. How are you my darlin? Saw your response above.

Been playing a bit as a new user since can't access my old player file having not played in a long long time... it's amazing how much you forget :) Only cracked one difficulty 9 so far but not tried that hard.

Tom 7, I have no idea how to get new traction on this but sorting the better levels into some kind of "quality levels" category might help user retention, there is an awful lot of garbage out there, and I created some of it. (I made some gooduns too though) We need a clean up. And, not a clean up based on difficulty only, there are some beautifully elegant but super simple levels too, e.g. #3017.

If anyone wants to chat I'm admin on an IRC server which is secure so could set up a chan if you want.

Anyway, just saying Hi o/ Dave. Sorry for the speedruns, can't resist.
13703. Tom 7 ( – 10 May 23:48:08 My SIGBOVIK 2020 papers, lovingly aged one month ]
Thanks for the recs everyone :)
I played Hollow Knight and loved it! I can't believe it was made by four people... what an inspiration!
Tohou Luna Knights is on the list. Bloodstained I skipped because of the graphics (that should-be-2D-but-is-3D look rubs me the wrong way — I think N64 and PlayStation scarred me for life) but it has come up a few times now and it seems like it's officially worth putting back into the running.

I don't plan to make videos for the papers (it's so much work and I'm quite over those two projects!) but I do have some videos in the works.

AADs: This is a double whammy because it needs a rather extreme burst of energy (hard to come by) and is a bit selfish to monopolize the house for a whole day. But I do have the guitar out recently for a project and have been occasionally making computer tunes (Cakewalk is now supported again, and free??). Maybe a quarantime EP is achievable...
13702. Anonymous ( – 07 May 00:11:32 My SIGBOVIK 2020 papers, lovingly aged one month ]
I'm sure you've played Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, but if you haven't, it's a very solid (and free) roguelike.

A Robot Named Fight is a roguelike metroidvania, though it is (by necessity) a little thin.
13701. jonas ( – 06 May 19:56:42 Reverse emulating the NES! ]
And here's someone successfully driving the NES in a similar way: ""
13700. jonas ( – 04 May 09:34:30 My SIGBOVIK 2020 papers, lovingly aged one month ]
Paul B: Tom's previous blog entry says “No talks from me this year” clear enough.
13699. Paul B ( – 04 May 07:45:53 My SIGBOVIK 2020 papers, lovingly aged one month ]
Will there be a companion video to one of the papers?
13698. Scott F ( – 04 May 03:03:15 My SIGBOVIK 2020 papers, lovingly aged one month ]
I too want to revive the AAD, in theory, but feel enervated. You should do it first, Adhesion, and give us FOMO.
13697. Adhesion ( – 03 May 12:09:16 My SIGBOVIK 2020 papers, lovingly aged one month ]
Well chess is pretty much solved now, are we gonna see some Go papers next SIGBOVIK? :)

Yeah roguelikes are pretty hit or miss for me too. I liked Dead Cells enough to beat it on 0BC, but for whatever reason I was just done with it after that. Combat felt a little bit weird to me.

As for metroidvanias, I was gonna recommend Hollow Knight but I have a feeling you played that already - I finally got around to playing it earlier this year and it was phenomenal, absolutely deserving of all the praise. Did you play Bloodstained? I loved that one too. Heard good things about Touhou Luna Nights as well but I haven't played it yet.

BTW, I know the prospect of doing creative stuff is a bit of a mixed bag in quarantine times, but is it time to revive the AAD?! Would love to hear some new music from you either way...
13696. jonas ( – 01 May 04:04:14 Washer Collage ]
Indeed, "" specifically says that FIDE introduced the 75 move rule in 2014.

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