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14787. Tom 7 ( – 03 Jun 11:04:30 SIGBOVIK 2023 ]
gctwnl: Ugh, of course. I do know that but I must have been up too late!
14786. Anti-Poseur Club ( – 02 Jun 15:07:06 GradIEEEnt half decent ]
Man, I know how you feel with scratching that project itch. I have done that with physical items and sorting so much, that I am starting to go stir crazy with nothing to do. I am planning on now doing my digital life, before re-doing my physical life, ect. ect.

Also, just in case you, Tom7, are reading this, you should remove your Google+ link, or move it to an archive.
14785. Anonymous ( – 31 May 23:48:36 GradIEEEnt half decent ]
14784. Tom 7 ( – 31 May 22:46:45 Portmantout: A portmanteau of every English word ]
Yeah, I think that's a word that ought to exist; I wonder why it's not in my wordlist?
14783. Tom 7 ( – 31 May 22:45:20 NEW: Tom 7 Entertainment System site ]
I fixed the download a second time, and even tested it!
14782. Tom 7 ( – 31 May 22:44:33 It is almost done ]
gav: Thanks! Try not to get tape on my arm hair because it is painful to remove!

jonas: But what can usefully be done with a moustache?

arkansan and DigiNova: :) thank you!

Blind Observer: Thank you for watching! I think I've finally dealt with the bots on the comment threads, so I maybe the HTML4 vibes just make people think of the good ol' days.
14781. jonas ( – 18 May 16:45:33 SIGBOVIK 2023 ]
I was notified that, even though it's not linked from the SIGBOVIK 2023 website, there is a booklet resembling proceedings available at "" .
14780. Anonymous ( – 13 May 05:43:16 NEW: Tom 7 Entertainment System site ]
Hello, it seems that "Theme from alaplantine" and "12% of 360kb" link to the same file
14779. Blind Observer ( – 10 May 01:22:24 It is almost done ]
Ah, random small games eh?

Ever run Across Ross's Game Dungeon? His videos have a very similar vibe to yours in a way. I definitely feel like there's a need for cross-pollination.

Anyways, i should probably get back to the Pactom vid because i was totally ultra-distracted by the existence of an OST for it--which incidentally landed me here???!

Been a huge fan ever since the generalized kerning video was fresh on the channel! The term "lexicographic ordering" has been burnt into my wrinkly brain fat for that whole time now. I might have run across that video a Lot sooner than even the other ones, because I check in every once in a while for updates. This discovery will have me clambering back more often.

Also your comment threads are...super bizarre. Can't tell if a) bots b) ESL c) ancient "netspeak" or some combination of the above. Quite the throwback at any rate.
14778. Not french ( – 07 May 17:49:31 Portmantout: A portmanteau of every English word ]
First english word I learned was "Defenestrate". Sadly not in this portmantout. Maybe there's a portmanreste with it somewhere. :)
14776. DigiNova ( – 05 May 15:28:53 It is almost done ]
I don't know why but I feel like your life is my dream and that I'll consider it a success if I'm living it like that in the future. Amazing content. Love from India <3
14775. arkansan ( – 04 May 15:52:17 It is almost done ]
tom7 you are my hero!
14774. jonas ( – 02 May 18:51:31 It is almost done ]
The main disappointing part was the moustache. I hope you did something more useful with it than what's in the video.
14773. jonas ( – 02 May 17:32:20 It is almost done ]
Video is now out:
14772. gav ( – 02 May 12:38:34 It is almost done ]
tom i decided to add you to the list taped to my wall of people who i look to for inspiration. thanks
14771. gctwnl ( – 02 May 09:02:31 SIGBOVIK 2023 ]
After droning without end to my daughter about the limitations of digital computers (and the fact that their reals are fake), she passed this video on, and I must say, sir, you are (a) brilliant and (b) funny as hell (for my kind of funny, that is). Made me laugh out load quite a few times. Impressed as well.

One thing I noticed when skimming the paper afterwards. The name is either spelled Gödel or Goedel. The umlaut is a shorthand for the additional e (or the e is a replacement for the original umlaut for when umlauts are not available, I don't really know). I don't think English has the German ö sound. Anyway, not Goëdel, but Gödel.
14769. Anonymous ( – 01 May 21:35:48 NEW: Tom 7 Radar ]
If you check this blog post(likely not) I'd like to say I like your work and I want to understand how you got into computer science and how you shaped your career.
14768. Tom 7 ( – 01 May 17:25:38 It is almost done ]
Thank you for being excited by that idea :)
14767. Anonymous ( – 30 Apr 23:04:37 It is almost done ]
> relax with your weird friend Tom as he gives an hour-long lecture about esoteric computer things
14766. Tom 7 ( – 30 Apr 23:04:10 Chores and chores ]
I did just get Rain World on sale! I have heard it recommended several times now, with some encouragement that it might take a little patience to get into. Thank you :)
14765. Anonymous ( – 18 Apr 23:15:42 SIGBOVIK 2023 ]
Looking forward to the video. I have not read the full paper yet (do not want to spoil the premium experience), but based on the introduction, I am certain this is going to be so much fun.

Tom, all your work is utterly brilliant: the wit, the art, the humour, the storytelling. Your YouTube channel is by far the best on the whole platform, I swear. Thank you for being an inspiration. I love you.
14764. Dakota ( – 18 Apr 17:44:16 SIGBOVIK 2023 ]
Amazing and beautiful as always! I very much enjoyed your general approach of taking a model and making a chess strategy out of it. That part made me wonder how learnfun/playfun would do in Elo World. I expect it would be quite a chore because you would have to be running learnfun and performing all the chessmaster memory shenanigans, but this time with other engine's moves.
14763. Tom 7 ( – 07 Apr 18:51:49 SIGBOVIK 2023 ]
Thanks both! I'm looking forward to reading the proceedings but I like to do it on a paper copy, like an old bearded professor!
14762. Lucien ( – 05 Apr 04:20:36 SIGBOVIK 2023 ]
Wish there were a livestream! Would be great for next year. Though already excited to read through GradIEEEnt descent (great title) and the many other exciting titles seen skimming the contents to check for mine.

Loved the Pac Tom project, and am excited for your paper video whenever you eagerly get it done!
14761. Clayton ( – 03 Apr 20:40:35 SIGBOVIK 2023 ]
I like your paper and I'm looking forward to the video. Funny coincidence as I also submitted a paper on optimization and gradient descent. But where you went half, I went larger.

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