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13607. A. A. ( – 10 Feb 23:44:03 All you gotta do is recognize the problem and then solve it ]
Move the piece that can get closest to an opposing piece (hopefully on top). Since there's sure to be lots of ties, from those choose the piece that is currently the furthest to move.
13606. devin ( – 08 Feb 17:26:18 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
I thought that levels were sorted by published date at default?
13605. calendar ( – 05 Feb 09:06:22 All you gotta do is recognize the problem and then solve it ]
> get it all out of my system

Inded, you have to get it out of your system. There's been four chess-related entries on IOCCC already: a C program that plays chess against the user, another C program that plays chess against the user but with a GUI, a C program that plays suicide chess, and a 6502 emulator in C with a chess program for 6502 given as an example use. It'd be very hard to win with another chess-related entry.
13604. R.O'D ( – 03 Feb 16:29:45 All you gotta do is recognize the problem and then solve it ]
. Move to maximize the total number of squares controlled by your pieces.

. (Too obvious?) Maximize the number of 'points' you have, where pawn = 1, knight = 3, etc.

. Move so as to maximize the number of times the board position has appeared in previous games at

. Move so as to increase the symmetry of the board (under the action of switching the white and black pieces)
13603. Anonymous ( – 01 Feb 14:59:33 All you gotta do is recognize the problem and then solve it ]
Given a list of potential moves and numerical ratings of each, boost the ranking of one piece, eg knight moves always seem better than they are, or one move gets a random boost.

Make the move with the lexicographically least (or most) code in chess notation, eg a3 < O-O-O < Nc3 < Rf8. Variations can be made by renaming pieces, ranks and files.

Apply any strategy, but only move pieces adjacent to knights of either color.

Apply any strategy, but only move pieces whose square color is the same (or opposite) color where most of your (their, all) pieces are sitting, eg most of white's pieces are on black squares so white moves a piece on a black square.

Place Langton's ant on the chessboard. Iterate until the ant is on a square occupied by a chess piece which has a valid move and move that piece. Continue iterating the ant to locate the next piece to be moved. Restrict the ant to the bounds of the chessboard (identified as a torus or klein bottle) if necessary. Bonus: the ant respects the chessboard colors and changes them and the choice of move takes square color into account.

Long time listener, first time caller. This exercise is really fun, so I set a limit to five suggestions when I started. I hope you use or have already thought of one of these!
13602. Anonymous ( – 01 Feb 01:01:53 All you gotta do is recognize the problem and then solve it ]
Here's one chess strategy (The Equalizer): Favor moving pieces that have moved fewer times to the squares that have received fewer of your movements. As a side effect, castling is a very desirable move.
13601. Tom 7 ( – 31 Jan 22:18:52 Blogchain for Dummies ]
Wow, Dick Run Claire already has a rival, a different Dick Run Claire??
13600. anko ( – 28 Jan 22:55:43 NEW: Tom 7 Entertainment System site ]
Hay. T7ES best programmer listening, aforementioned I thank. Request of M3U file updating, to include new tunes as wires-coming-out.mp3 to maximum get down when closing parentheses. Greetings of Japan.
13599. Sophia ( – 18 Jan 14:50:49 Blogchain for Dummies ]
Pac Tom vs Dick Run Claire:
13598. Tom 7 ( – 17 Jan 22:39:05 EOY 2018 ]
It's not a standalone thing; it's just part of the compiler internals. Definition here:

the toasm phase generates it, and the tox86 phase consumes it. Glad you enjoyed the paper! :)
13597. Bill Rowe ( – 17 Jan 18:51:52 EOY 2018 ]
Tom: I read your ABC paper via hackaday - wonderful all the way through. Where does LLVMNOP live?
13596. Bill Rowe ( – 17 Jan 17:17:29 EOY 2018 ]
Tom: I read your ABC paper via hackaday - wonderful all the way through. Where does LLVMNOP live?
13595. Anonymous ( – 13 Jan 11:20:43 EOY 2018 ]
damn I expected people arguing over trump in the comment section but I guess it was shooters that were more exciting lmao
13594. A. A. ( – 07 Jan 18:31:36 EOY 2018 ]
Since they don't make them like they used to, why not just play the classics? Surely you haven't played them all. I'm finally getting around to finishing the first half life.
13593. A. A. ( – 07 Jan 18:27:48 Remember, remember ]
Pasta sauce jars. Empty first, or course.
13592. Brendan ( – 07 Jan 15:04:39 EOY 2018 ]
We all need life buddies, Anonymous.
13591. Anonymous ( – 07 Jan 11:54:57 EOY 2018 ]
You need a life buddy!!
13590. Anonymous ( – 03 Jan 17:21:37 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
can we get something to sort levels by published date?
13589. Anonymous ( – 03 Jan 15:18:57 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
any plans to add async downloading of files? my network latency is fairly high so I can only download about 2 to 3 files per second with the current code
13588. A. A. ( – 03 Jan 11:53:54 SIGBOVIK 2018 ]
It would seem from your analysis that B. A. Or B. B would be optimal. At the least we can agree that Best Author > awesome author.
13587. Anonymous ( – 03 Jan 10:28:46 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
the SVN source code link is broken
13586. Anonymous ( – 01 Jan 22:34:33 NEW: Tom 7 Radar ]
13585. Tom 7 ( – 01 Jan 20:22:01 EOY 2018 ]
Given another two cups of coffee and a night to sleep on it, it turns out it was just NaN poisoning and now it's basically working. :)

J: Oh thanks! I have always wanted to enter IOCCC but for a long time it wasn't even running, and I guess I keep forgetting that it
Maybe that's enough time for me to put something together. Will think about it.

A: I did play DOOM 2016, it was good. I think the new Wolfenstein games were both very strong too, as well as Prey... that's basically the kind of thing I'm looking for. Titanfall looks like it might be up my alley; I think I probably missed it because it's not on Steam. Thanks for the rec!
13584. Adhesion ( – 01 Jan 16:46:43 EOY 2018 ]
"Seems like nobody even really makes single-player shooters any more" - not totally true thankfully! Guessing you already played it but DOOM 2016 was extraordinarily good, and it's getting a sequel. Titanfall 2 from a couple years ago was great too. Also I can't help but plug Earth Defense Force 5 (has multiplayer but it's just coop) which is just stupidly fun.
13583. jonas ( – 31 Dec 2018 18:30:01 EOY 2018 ]
Happy New Year! SIGBOVIK reminds me that a new IOCCC contest has started, the submission deadline is on 2019-03-15.

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