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13673. mm ( – Yesterday 18:03:02 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
Thank you, Mark, I'm already looking forward to your birthday level! And indeed I've been struggling with that training level: no clue.
13672. Scott F ( – 03 Dec 03:22:27 2609 * 2^1549069 + 1 ]
Congrats on the prime.

Do you ever think about how different your life would've been if you'd won that $100,000 Mersenne prime bounty?
13671. Tom 7 ( – 02 Dec 16:55:58 2609 * 2^1549069 + 1 ]
The new Pokemon Sword for Switch!
It's not an amazing game, but it's cozy for being sick in bed and reminds me of childhood!
13670. Adam ( – 01 Dec 08:40:11 2609 * 2^1549069 + 1 ]
13669. mark ( – 01 Dec 07:12:19 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
Hi Dave , nice to here from you. Old country is great well I like it anyhow,as N7 said I had nearly 2 years off due to a suffering PC and room changes in my house. The break served me well came back solved quite a few of the annoying levels . Now im down to under 100 left.
Anyhow good luck to to all and a happy early anniversary to you mm.

Sorry I never noticed the comments earlier.

Ps anyone trying the skirting the issue levels ?
13668. jonas ( – 01 Dec 06:56:36 2609 * 2^1549069 + 1 ]
Playing which Pokémon game?
13667. Tom 7 ( – 30 Nov 21:31:53 30 Weird Chess Algorithms: Elo World ]
Yes, it is possible to get my attention this way! :)

It should be possible to compile standalone stuff like the tournament, test programs, or use the chess players as libraries, without SDL.
If you're trying to compile the whole thing (like the viewer) you will need SDL, which is a common cross-platform graphics library mostly used for games. It should be available on every platform, but probably needs some fiddling. On linux, you can just install something like libsdl1.2-dev, but you probably need to modify the makefile in that case. On windows, I always struggle with libraries so I think the makefile is set up to just reference the object files directly from a a build the SDL source. Sorry that the build is not set up to be user-friendly!

13666. Sky ( – 23 Nov 19:02:56 The adventures of learnfun and playfun, part 2 ]
Just wanted to say thank you for this work and I'm having a lot of fun experimenting with it. You mentioned a new version in the comments, is that something you expect to finish?

Thanks again!
13665. ice cream ( – 20 Nov 21:00:56 30 Weird Chess Algorithms: Elo World ]
oh sorry it's me again I figured out some of the errors
(gee you were right....)

The "SDL.h" and "SDL_main.h" don't seem to exist!
(About line 35 in the viewer.)

Where are they? Where are those files? Help!

(If you want to load the code, get a compiler, and ALSO on the source code page, click "trunk", then "cc-lib", and *download that too!* Very mean.)

Also, can a commenter comment on the newest blog post to get your (tom7's) attention even though it's unrelated?

Arrgh, i'm so close to being halfway done to become kinda finished in loading your script! Almost! It's so amazing that I want to play with it on my computer... aw ugh.

I like how you put the 'ideas' file there. You read those YouTube comments, =)
13664. icecream ( – 18 Nov 22:26:06 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
hey guys, i'm clicking on escape.exe but it doesn't work
a black window pops up and then disappears
13663. mm ( – 18 Nov 07:11:35 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
Hi Dave, thank you!
13662. Tom2 ( – 10 Nov 05:56:03 Strawberry Fields Forever ]
That Celeste update was the highlight of my month! I was surprised by how emotional I was at the end, especially since it had been months since I'd seen the characters.

And that tattoo, wow... you must be honored!(?)
13661. N7DOT ( – 22 Oct 18:37:34 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
Hey Dave! I'd recently stopped by again to see how things have been going around here to find that mark had come back recently. I've not been able to get back to the game since the short little modding back-and-forth mark and I did recently, thanks to college and other distractions. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to a level idea I've got in the works in the near future.
13660. Dave (2400) ( – 22 Oct 02:04:32 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
Have I not been here in awhile! Hi mark, how's life in the old country? Afraid life is not giving me a huge amount of time to play these days. Pass my regards on to mm if you see her. Dave.

13659. ice cream ( – 14 Oct 19:02:30 30 Weird Chess Algorithms: Elo World ]
how does your script thingy work? how do i run it?
13658. Anonymous ( – 05 Oct 17:45:03 30 Weird Chess Algorithms: Elo World ]
* chess piece and video and recommended it to TCEC's fanbase...
13657. Nelson H, aka Cato the Younger_TCEC ( – 05 Oct 17:44:02 30 Weird Chess Algorithms: Elo World ]
Quite by accident, I ran across your chess piece and video to TCEC's fanbase as a rollicking fun ride through bad chess. I was astonished by your dedication in downloading every LiChess file; I thought I must be one of the few lunatics on the planet to do that. Of course, I keep <0.5% of them for opening book purposes and even that many is dubious.
13656. mark ( – 19 Sep 09:06:13 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
I was just about to mention the above so it must be happening for all.
There is no problem playing the game but website does not look as nice.
Wonder if this a quick fix Tom thanks.
13655. long time listener, first time caller ( – 15 Sep 15:33:01 30 Weird Chess Algorithms: Elo World ]
I really enjoyed this latest video. I was wondering how well you could do by "ensembling" different dumb chess players in some way. I guess the simplest way to do this would be similar to the stockfish-random dilution, but with a dilution of an arbitrary selection of different players.

In particular, I wonder if there's any ensemble that performs better than its constituent parts. I don't have a good enough intuition to work out how or why this might be the case (best I can come up with is some kind of hill-climbing analogy?), and well, you have the program to just run it and see so I'm throwing this up here rather than doing anything about it myself.
13654. Tom 7 ( – 12 Sep 00:02:20 Why do posts have to have a 'title'? ]
Thanks Fuzzy, a good recommendation! :)
13653. Fuzzy ( – 03 Sep 00:37:58 Why do posts have to have a 'title'? ]
Dude that's awesome you like Anak Ko, I'm loving it as well. I recommend SASAMI if you wanna try something similar and really good! (Self-titled debut from earlier this year)

Cheers from Tucson!
13652. TheJonyMyster ( – 02 Sep 23:07:14 NEW: Tom 7 Entertainment System site ]
hello i am not a computer supergenius like everyone else here probably is and im wondering if its (still/ever was) possible to play tom7 entertainment system the way he does live? i have guitar hero controller and i would like to try it... or is that just not an option
13651. Tom 7 ( – 01 Sep 09:43:07 Why do posts have to have a 'title'? ]
Ha! Congrats! :)
13650. calendar ( – 01 Sep 07:57:53 Why do posts have to have a 'title'? ]
And I finally won Dragon Drop. I'd played it some years ago, but back then I couldn't figure out what the goal was. I must have skipped one of the two crucial cutscenes, because the puzzle itself isn't hard.
13649. noname ( – 01 Sep 02:16:38 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
It seems that thumbnails for new levels are no longer showing on the server (look at e.g. the level browser on the webpage, or the comment section). I wonder if it's the case for others as well.

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