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13833. Nicholas Humphrys ( – 08 Sep 16:36:43 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
Effective And Free Ways To Advertise. Here Is A List...
13828. jonas ( – 03 Aug 09:49:23 22:33:44 ]
Well, I did also consider the possibility that rather than using cake, which you can bake in advance and store for weeks, your costume includes something more perishable so you need to do most of the setup on the dawn of the race.
13827. Tom 7 ( – 31 Jul 23:32:00 22:33:44 ]
jonas: I sure made it sound like that, huh? It is well underway although I did make a mistake in the design (isn't this what CAD is supposed to prevent??) that was a bit discouraging, but correctable. It is still true that I can probably get this done in a weekend if I just stop getting distracted (:
13826. Tom 7 ( – 31 Jul 22:15:30 22:33:44 ]
Anon: Thx! I was sure I tested it but I maybe have changed something afterwards. Should be fixed now!
13822. Anonymous ( – 17 Jul 19:20:33 22:33:44 ]
This is entirely unrelated to this post but I just wanted to tell you that all the images and download links on your fonts page are broken (404)
13820. Scott F ( – 06 Jul 03:13:51 Summer! ]
It's interesting that TypeScript won the popularity contest over Flow, which was fundamentally a stronger system that caught more errors. Must have been some combination of tooling, marketing, and the network effect of a large community. Now Facebook admits it's only building Flow for its own use and won't take other users into consideration anymore, so that pretty much ends the competition.
13819. jonas ( – 01 Jul 15:15:51 22:33:44 ]
> The main problem is that to finish the project and the filming, I need a decent weekend (like: not on a road trip, not hosting visitor, not 95°F, not raining) and these have *not* been forthcoming.

Does this mean that's you're basically done with the costume? Great!

13818. Adam ( – 01 Jul 01:18:45 22:33:44 ]
13817. Anonymous ( – 20 Jun 01:59:41 Summer! ]
If you want something JS-y with a good type system, I would recommend purescript [1]. It it perhaps quite a jump even from TS in terms of language feel, but I've found it to be an absolute revelation for front-end work!

13816. Alsina ( – 11 Jun 00:43:15 NEW: Tom 7 Entertainment System site ]
I'd toootally play the guitar hero thing if it ever came out, lol
The robot makes it worth it! :v
13815. Tim McCormack ( – 01 Jun 10:58:08 Summer! ]
My wife has a background in horticulture, agronomy, and ecology and was WTFing quite a bit throughout The Martian. Apparently the author researched the space stuff pretty well but thought "eh, biology, how complicated could that be?" and didn't invest so much in the realism there. (Someone with the protagonist's background should know better than to plant a monoculture in such dire circumstances, for instance.)
13814. Jessy King ( – 01 Jun 00:48:24 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
I have a question. Is there a real human here who can get back to me?
13813. mm ( – 25 May 15:33:37 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
Tom, will you make it possible to play on osX Big Sur / M1 ?
13812. axel ( – 19 May 09:03:20 SIGBOVIK 2021 and other things of April ]
Heads up: new season of Search Party is out.

Also I made a very stupid website you might like:
13811. Otto ( – 09 May 18:02:04 SIGBOVIK 2021 and other things of April ]
That is a sexy mini cooper!
13810. jrr ( – 08 May 02:26:45 SIGBOVIK 2021 and other things of April ]
I do have ideas!

I butchered your makefile but got all three platforms building on GitHub:

I'm not sure using another source control system and host qualifies as minimally-invasive, but it's one way to get Mac builds at least. Also I learned that GitHub has an automagic SVN import that slurps up all the history, so FWIW if you ever do decide to migrate it won't be hard.
13809. jonas ( – 04 May 11:11:30 Reverse emulating the NES! ]
I just found a video that mentions your reverse emulating the NES project: ""
13808. Tom 2 ( – 04 May 06:50:55 SIGBOVIK 2021 and other things of April ]
I tell ya, I was extremely enthusiastic to watch those 24 minutes. As a caʒ lover of both machine learning and typography, it felt like it was just for me.
13807. Tom 7 ( – 02 May 23:25:04 SIGBOVIK 2021 and other things of April ]
It is still on sourceforge, but they are always changin' their URLs around:
One of the main obstacles to releasing again on mac is that I don't have a suitable computer to compile with! But if you have ideas or minimally-invasive (e.g. I would really like to be able to compile with free tools from a makefile) portability improvements, lemme know!

Max: Fortunately it was a mix CD! I wish it had been something more poetic.
13806. Max ( – 02 May 17:24:25 SIGBOVIK 2021 and other things of April ]
What was the one CD?
13805. jrr ( – 30 Apr 22:53:09 SIGBOVIK 2021 and other things of April ]
Is the latest source for Escape publicly available? All I see is an old tarball and a broken link to "sourceforge" ( )

If you put it on GitHub a benevolent stranger might do the ARM port for you ;)
13804. Tom 7 ( – 30 Apr 13:12:16 Ludum Dare #27: Point One Hurts ]
Yeah, I'm aware (and sad) that everyone has stopped supporting Flash! I have in mind to port these to HTML5 (itself a moving target, ugh) when I have some time/energy for that. This one should be fairly doable as long as I resist the urge to fix its various problems!
13803. Anonymous ( – 28 Apr 23:40:24 Great Race 2013: Hockey Is Life ]
This is freaking wild, good job :)
13802. Axel ( – 21 Apr 15:51:30 NEW: Tom 7 Radar ]
13801. Anonymous ( – 12 Apr 07:48:05 Ludum Dare #27: Point One Hurts ]
Hey, the game's not functioning.
Could you perhaps convert it to HTML5?

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