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13386. n7 ( – 24 May 01:18:34 Happy 20th birthday Escape!! ]
Hey, so it's been a while... I've not had time for playing Escape much in recent times, but I was thinking of it again recently and had an idea for a new type of tile which I would think should be pretty easy to implement and is a natural extension of things already in the game, but I don't recall ever seeing before. Just a thought I figured I should share.

Moon Framers
These are essentially the opposite of Heart Framers. They would function identically, except instead of everything waking up upon the collection of the last one in the main layer, everything falls asleep (doors included).

I would imagine optimization of level menu loading speeds would be a huge improvement to having players stick around if we get activity up at some point again. I can't remember if that changed in beta 5 but if not, it's probably the biggest concern other than annoying bug fixes...
13385. Tom 7 ( – 01 May 22:05:39 SIGBOVIK 2017: ABC ]
Yeah I guess so :(
13384. jonas ( – 01 May 16:21:29 SIGBOVIK 2017: ABC ]
Do you need a calendar?
13383. Tom 7 ( – 30 Apr 10:03:15 NEW: Tom 7 Entertainment System site ]
Thank you Dom C! :)
13381. Dom Casual ( – 26 Apr 20:08:04 NEW: Tom 7 Entertainment System site ]
The songs are wonderful,(I particularly like "Theme from Facebook Phone") and the performances equally so. Great work.
13380. Tom 7 ( – 18 Apr 20:40:04 SIGBOVIK 2017: ABC ]
Yep, you're right. A few people have pointed this one out (it's also a prominent blunder in the video), which makes me especially ashamed to have missed it. :)
13379. N7DOT ( – 18 Apr 12:41:51 SIGBOVIK 2017: ABC ]
Sorry if I missed something, but... isn't

x or y

equivalent to

(x and y) xor (x xor y)

? I don't see why addition would need to be used for implementing bitwise or, since xor is the same as or (and as addition), if it is given that at most only a single argument can be true/1, which is the case here.

Other than that, though, it's impressive you accomplished this with such tight restrictions. Haven't gotten to watch the video yet though I plan to later... also, haven't finished reading the paper yet...!
13378. Anonymous ( – 09 Apr 00:04:16 Bathroom? Mushroom! ]
my son just sent me pictures of mushrooms growing under his kitchen sink. I told him to get the landlord to relocate him while they tear out the walls because it probably is so infested. It was the sickest thing I ever saw and I don't want him to be severely sickened by them.
13377. Nels ( – 05 Apr 13:18:44 SIGBOVIK 2017: ABC ]
The Joseph Stalin Award for Excessive Execution
13376. Nels ( – 05 Apr 12:47:38 SIGBOVIK 2017: ABC ]
Gotcha. There used to be a most suspiciously like real research award (probably still is) which you're always in the running for in my mind. Though I tend to equate research with effort...
13375. Tom 7 ( – 04 Apr 23:27:06 SIGBOVIK 2017: ABC ]
Thanks James! :)

Nels: Award for "Most Executable." Registered a 0db on the Applause-O-Meter. The true treasure is friendship with your computer.
13374. Nels ( – 04 Apr 15:21:35 SIGBOVIK 2017: ABC ]
Also, 68k is the first assembly language I learned! I thought it was satisfying.
13373. Nels ( – 04 Apr 15:20:43 SIGBOVIK 2017: ABC ]
13372. James Five (Since we're doing that) ( – 04 Apr 08:52:24 SIGBOVIK 2017: ABC ]
Dammit man, you've always got to make things so fun to watch and look into. Love the video.
13371. Tom 7 ( – 03 Apr 22:44:04 SIGBOVIK 2017: ABC ]
Glad you found the video enjoyable! :) Motorola 68k is a much cleaner architecture than x86; I think it's a better starting point. Hope it's fun :)

It looks like they edited the video to trim off the boring beginning, which is probably why my link was wrong. Fixed, thank you!
13370. Tristan ( – 03 Apr 19:54:19 SIGBOVIK 2017: ABC ]
Also, your talk starts at 1:22:00 in the SIGBOVIK stream and ends at little before 1:36:00. Just to let you know.

13369. Tristan ( – 03 Apr 19:48:23 SIGBOVIK 2017: ABC ]
Hey Tom,
Thanks for making the video even if it was over a more difficult topic to video-ify, I greatly enjoyed it as someone starting to delve into assembly (except that I'm starting out writing for the Motorola 68000 not x86). Also, thanks for posting about the recording of your talk, I'll definitely give that a watch. Keep it up and great work as always.
13368. Tom 7 ( – 01 Apr 12:37:28 SIGBOVIK cometh ]
jonas: I just posted and back-dated it. Sorry for the slacking :)

Anon: Unfortunately the DOS command line can only be 127 bytes, so probably not that interesting, alas...
13367. Anonymous ( – 01 Apr 10:43:50 SIGBOVIK cometh ]
How does feeding paper.exe with paper.exe sound? Im still wondering!
13366. jonas ( – 01 Apr 06:44:04 SIGBOVIK cometh ]
Where's your post for 2017-03?
13365. Tom 7 ( – 16 Mar 23:22:44 SIGBOVIK cometh ]
Thanks Monism! :)
13364. Monism ( – 16 Mar 09:18:07 SIGBOVIK cometh ]
A Catholic, University of St. Thomas attending, liberal arts studying stranger :)
13363. a stranger on the internet ( – 15 Mar 21:28:55 SIGBOVIK cometh ]
Hi Tom,
You're awesome.
With regards,
a stranger on the internet
13362. Tom 7 ( – 15 Mar 12:56:23 Ludum Dare 26: Dragon Drop! ]
Glad you liked it :)
13361. Anonymous ( – 15 Mar 05:17:40 Ludum Dare 26: Dragon Drop! ]
I spent over an hour playing the solitaire game, beating it in every which way until I gave up and inspected the page source to find out how to win the game.

Nicely done

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